20 Modern Rustic Design Ideas That Combine Simple and Sleek

Bring this updated rustic style to each room of your home.

modern rustic kitchen island

Werner Straube

While modern design is all about streamlined, functional elements with clean lines, combining it with rustic style brings a neutral color palette, natural textures, and warm, earthy tones. Think lots of natural wood, exposed beams, stonework, and leather furniture with accents of bright, modern colors, white walls, and open floor plans. Bringing these two styles together can create the ultimate relaxed, cozy room. Modern rustic design is easy to adapt into most rooms, including living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms, because it often highlights features your home already has, like a vaulted ceiling or natural wood flooring. The blend of modern and rustic can also fit with other design styles, so if you want to incorporate modern rustic decor into your home, you don’t have to change every room to fit it in. Let these modern rustic rooms provide inspiration for bringing a touch of the style into your space.

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Modern Rustic Interior Design

modern rustic door

Brie Williams

Blend two styles together to create a transition from a living area into a kitchen. Natural wood walls in neutral colors give the space a distinctively rustic feel. And while the sliding barn door also seems rustic at first, the gray chevron paneling updates it for modern style.

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Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

rustic modern kitchen

Brie Williams

Give a farmhouse kitchen a modern update with sleek black pendant lights and matching barstools. White paneled walls have elements of both modern and rustic style, while the exposed wood beams in the ceiling enhance the farmhouse elements of the room. Lots of windows also give the room plenty of natural light.

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Modern Rustic Living Room

dark rustic modern living room

David Greer

At first glance, this living room definitely appears more modern than rustic. But in addition to the black walls and modern art decorating the room, the leather furniture and woven light fixture add subtle elements of rustic style. Stacked wood in the fireplace adds one final rustic touch.

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Modern Rustic Kitchen Countertops

white kitchen with wood countertops

Edumund Barr

Butcher block countertops are a great intersection of modern and rustic design. The natural wood speaks to rustic elements, while the pale, neutral colors also fit with a timeless, modern style. Other modern elements, such as black sink fixtures and hanging pendant lights, complete the look.

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Modern Rustic Dining Room

modern rustic dining room

John Granen

As a central gathering and entertaining space, a dining room is a great place to experiment with modern rustic design. In this room, white paneled walls, wood floors, and dark wooden dining table all have elements of rustic style. However, the simplistic light fixture and chairs update the room while still matching the rustic feel.

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Modern Rustic Decor

rustic modern desk

Array USA

Modern rustic furniture is the focal point of this room. The distressed white wood table would be at home in any modern farmhouse. However, the graphic black and white patterned rug and chevron wood of the sliding barn door contrast the antique table with modern style.

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Grand Modern Rustic House

modern rustic kitchen

Better Homes & Gardens

This combination kitchen and dining room is a show stopping display of modern rustic style. The exposed wood ceiling, farmhouse-style cabinets, and picnic table seating all give the room a rustic feel. But other elements, like the exposed-bulb light fixtures and dark tile floor, blend in modern style.

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Modern Rustic Design Ideas

modern rustic kitchen island

Werner Straube

If your home has rustic elements, such as a wood ceiling or wood columns, you can update it a little with modern decor. Marble countertops and a white tile backsplash match the rustic design, but also update it with modern touches. Sleek barstools and hanging light fixtures complete the look.

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Neutral Modern Rustic Kitchen

rustic modern wood kitchen

Laurey Glenn

Gray-brown wood cabinets in this kitchen blend modern colors with rustic style. A patterned area rug also matches the rustic decor, along with a butcher block island table. Simple barstools also add a hint of neutral blue color.

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Modern Rustic Kitchen with Marble Counters

blue rustic modern kitchen

Better Homes & Gardens

Exposed wood beams and slate gray tile floors both add rustic style to this room. The chain hanging lights with shades are an updated version of farmhouse lighting. But the cool blue cabinets with gold hardware and marble countertops bring modern design into the kitchen.

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Modern Rustic Kitchen with Gas Range

rustic modern wood kitchen


A gas range and vent hood gives this kitchen rustic charm, and installing both appliances in black also gives them a modern upgrade. Light wood cabinets and floors also tie in with rustic style. However, the black and white tile backsplash matches the range and provides an eye catching modern accent.

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Modern Rustic Entryway Ideas

modern rustic entry


White wood paneling helps emphasize natural light in this home entryway and gives it a modern feel. Rustic accents, such as an antique table and painting, also make the home feel more casual. A few other touches, like vintage suitcases and a white pendant light help blend modern and rustic decor.

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Modern Rustic Dining Area

modern rustic dining table nook


Rather than a formal dining room, this booth-style eating area is a better fit for modern rustic design. The wood table and benches, plus the exposed ceiling beams, help create a cozy, rustic eating nook. Modern touches, such as the light fixture and black-and-white cushions, contrast with the casual space.

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Modern Rustic Design Porch

rustic modern screened in porch

Kim Cornelison

The structure of this enclosed porch has a lot of rustic elements, such as the wood ceiling and stone tile floor. But it also has touches of modern design, like the floor-to-ceiling windows which let in tons of natural light. Styling the space with modern furniture, such as a gray couch and a light wood coffee table, help tie both design styles together.

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Modern Rustic Eat-In Kitchen

modern rustic eat in kitchen

Jay Wilde

Rustic exposed beams frame the kitchen and eating area in this room. It also ties in several other rustic elements, like the natural wood doors. Modern white cabinets, blue barstools, and wallpaper accent make the room feel fresh and updated.

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Modern Rustic Hallway

modern rustic bench

Jay Wilde

This hallway entry instantly feels modern thanks to the two-tone black and white design. Rustic elements offset the color palette, such as a metal frame bench and wooden shelves that provide storage space. A modern pendant light also helps tie in with the pattern along the top of the wall.

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Modern Rustic Living Room

rustic modern living room with stone fireplace

Jay Wilde

The vaulted ceilings and open space in this room match up with modern design, as well as the neutral white furniture. However, several rustic elements makes the room feel cozier and inviting. The stone fireplace, exposed beams, and barn wood style paneling on the walls all contribute to creating a modern farmhouse living space.

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Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas

modern rustic bathroom vanity

Jay Wilde

This modern rustic bathroom blends the two styles through texture and color. Natural wood replaces a traditional vanity, creating a farmhouse-style sink with exposed pipes. Neutral sage green frames on the mirrors and white walls update the room with modern style.

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Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

bedroom with wood paneling and black, gray and white accents

John Bessler

A paneled wood wall adds a rustic accent to this bedroom, and matches the wood bed frame. Modern black and white color blocking throughout the rest of the room creates contrast. It also complements the colors used in the bedspread and the modern nightstands and lamps.

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Modern Rustic Living Space

rustic modern living room

Werner Straube

Modern architecture creates a grand living space with high ceilings and great natural light. It also pairs well with the marbled fireplace. Rustic accents, such as fabric-covered light fixture and woven chair and coffee table, create a relaxed feeling.

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