12 Modern Kitchen Ideas for Every Design Style

Give your space a refresh with these contemporary kitchen ideas.

modern dark gray kitchen

John Granen

Whether it's a casual weeknight dinner or a special holiday meal, the kitchen is often the main gathering spot of the home. It's also a place to unleash your creativity and add personal style—and not just in a culinary sense. If your kitchen is due for a quick refresh or a full-on remodel, give it a contemporary makeover inspired by our favorite modern kitchen ideas.

From two-toned cabinets, statement light fixtures, and mixed metals, to unique backsplash ideas and a monochrome color palette, you'll see that a modern kitchen is anything but cold and sterile. We'll show you how to add character, warmth, and modern style no matter the size of your kitchen or budget.

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Modern Rustic Kitchen

modern rustic kitchen

Better Homes & Gardens / Robert Brinson

A stunning shiplap-covered ceiling, oversized pendant lights, and mixed materials give this kitchen a modern rustic look. The clean white walls and ceiling are a stark juxtaposition to charcoal gray cabinets and a galvanized metal island. When working with a limited color palette, bring in contrasting materials such as glass, metal, and wood to create added layers of warmth, texture, and visual interest.

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Contemporary Coastal Kitchen

contemporary coastal modern kitchen

Better Homes & Gardens

Coastal goes contemporary in this bight and open modern kitchen. A large rectangular pendant light suspended from a tall shiplap-covered ceiling makes a statement and mimics the shape of quartz-topped wood island. Light wood cabinetry and white floating shelves maintain the kitchen's open feel, while a diagonally-laid charcoal gray floor tile grounds the space and provides visual contrast. Woven wicker barstools add that quintessential coastal touch.

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Open and Airy

airy kitchen white open shelves and white subway tile

Better Homes & Gardens / Greg Scheidemann

White floating shelves replace classic upper cabinets for a modern twist on kitchen storage. Floating shelves are a good addition both aesthetically and practically—they maintain an open and airy look, provide a spot to display your favorite kitchenware, and keep everyday essentials easily accessible. A white subway tile backsplash extends up to the ceiling and creates a timeless backdrop for this two-toned kitchen. A polished chrome wall sconce adds a decorative detail and an extra source of light, but also helps tie in the cabinet hardware.

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Two-Toned Cabinets

modern kitchen with two toned cabinets

Better Homes & Gardens / Nathan Schroder Photography

Give your kitchen a modern update with a two-toned cabinet look. This kitchen features wooden lower cabinets and warm white upper cabinets for a sleek, contemporary feel. To maintain a cohesive look, use the same hardware on all of the cabinets to tie the two colors together and create continuity. Maximize storage space and emphasize ceiling height by bringing upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling.

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Black and White Kitchen

black and white modern kitchen

Better Homes & Gardens / Buff Strickland

A monochrome color palette makes for a modern yet timeless space. To do a limited color palette well (and prevent it from looking boring), use the colors in varied ways as is done in this kitchen. Solid black and white cabinets are accented by patterned floor tile while the various materials of the wood bar stools and metal island give the space depth. Brass hardware and pendant lights add a pop of glam, while a butcher block island topper brings in some much needed warmth for visual balance.

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Colorful Kitchen Accents

functional modern kitchen

Better Homes & Gardens / David A. Land

Bright accents such as purple counter stools, a colorful floor runner, and sculptural matte black pendant lights lend a playful touch to this modern kitchen. A white subway tile wall and black and white cabinets and countertops serve as a neutral backdrop and help reflect the natural light from the skylight. Don't be afraid to mix metals for a modern look—this kitchen features brass cabinet pulls, matte black lights and shelf hardware, and a brushed nickel faucet for a layered effect.

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Think Vertical

modern kitchen with blue vertical tile

Better Homes & Gardens / Edmund Barr

For a modern spin on the traditional kitchen backsplash, take classic subway tile and position it vertically instead of horizontally. This small change gives it a fresh look and creates a sense of height as the tile points towards the ceiling. A minimalist block-style range hood and white floating shelves emphasize the straight lines in this kitchen. A black pot filler and cabinet hardware add an industrial touch and wood cabinets bring in a natural element for that quintessential kitchen warmth.

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Copper Kitchen Accents

modern kitchen with copper accents

Edmund Barr

This minimalist kitchen features walnut cabinets whose lack of hardware gives them a contemporary feel. An asymmetrical hexagon tile wall serves double-duty as both a practical backsplash and a striking visual accent. The geometric nature of the tiled wall is broken up by an organically-shaped single floating shelf that presents the perfect place to display dishes and hold potted herbs. Copper is a welcome metal choice for the faucet and wall sconces as it brings out the warmth of the wood and adds an elevated look.

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Dark Gray Kitchen

modern dark gray kitchen

Better Homes & Gardens / John Granen

The dark gray cabinet color is the star of the show in this stunning modern kitchen. Minimalist black hardware in the form of square knobs, rectangular pulls, and bin pulls maintains the clean and linear design of the cabinetry and floating wood shelves balance out the cool tones and tie in the wide plank flooring. A gorgeous brass-accented stove pops against the gray paint color, and white countertops and a pearl-shell backsplash brighten the kitchen while maintaining its streamlined aesthetic.

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Incorporate Color

colorful modern kitchen

Better Homes & Gardens / Kim Cornelison

Think of light fixtures and cabinet hardware as the jewelry for your kitchen. These functional yet decorative accents are the final layer that can completely transform the room. Two sculptural pendant lights add a unique, artistic feature above this kitchen island, dressing up the space. A jewel-toned deep teal tiled wall immediately draws the eye and a set of three long floating shelves provide a display surface for art, cookbooks, and dishes that stand out against the backsplash.

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Eat-In Kitchen

modern eat in kitchen

Better Homes & Gardens / Kim Cornelison

A midcentury modern-inspired tulip table, copper dining chairs, and a milk glass pendant light create a cozy breakfast nook in this modern kitchen. They tie in the white cabinets and backsplash, while the metal chairs pop against navy blue walls. Bright white cabinets and trim and lots of natural light create a sense of openness and oak hardwood floors warm up the space and play off the warm tones of the copper furniture.

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Home Office Kitchen

modern kitchen work station

Better Homes & Gardens / Shaun Sullivan

Incorporate a built-in work station into your kitchen to provide a comfortable spot to work from home, sit and do homework, or create a weekly meal plan. Take cues from this modern kitchen and give standard built-ins a custom, designer-like makeover by painting the backing a contrasting color. The charcoal gray pops against the white shelves while tying in the slate gray floor tile. An abstract piece of art adds a bold pop of color, elevating the work station and infusing it with bright energy.

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