25 Modern Fireplace Ideas for Every Design Style

Add warmth and character to your space with a modern fireplace.

Living room with muted tones and minimalist decor - Interior of sitting room with furniture and autumn plants

Victoria Pearson

A fireplace can instantly bring warmth and coziness to a room, but it’s also an opportunity to add style and character to a space. A fireplace is a natural focal point you can build a seating arrangement around, as well as a spot to showcase art or seasonal decor. From luxurious marble and intricate millwork details to reclaimed wood and shiplap accent walls, this collection of modern fireplaces includes something for every style, room size, and budget.

If you have an outdated fireplace that could use a refresh, paint is your best friend. Grab a brush and give dark brick a fresh coat of white paint for an instant update or soften it with a quick lime wash that creates beautiful color variation. Highlight a fireplace with bold tile, layered materials, or functional built-ins to maximize its impact within the space. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your living room or bedroom, take inspiration from these modern fireplace ideas.

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Geometric Fireplace Surround

living room with cabinets flanking a pattern-tiled fireplace

Edmund Barr

A striking black and white tile fireplace surround instantly draws attention and adds a pop of geometric pattern. A narrow wood mantel ties in the other warm-toned materials in the room while gray cabinets flanking the fireplace break up the pattern and create a built-in look.

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Floating Mantel Shelf

Armchairs by coffee table in living room

Jay Wilde

A fresh coat of white paint brightens this modern living room and updates the brick fireplace. Built-in shelves and a cozy pillow-adorned bench flank the fireplace, adding practical storage as well as visual balance and a sense of symmetry. A floating wood mantel adds warmth and introduces a natural material.

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Gray Stone Fireplace

living room with pewter hued stucco fireplace, oatmeal colored tweed sofa, marine blue grasscloth wallpaper behind bookshelf area, white oak wooden beams on ceiling, mixed wood chairs with neutral cushions and rattan basket

Ali Harper

For a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, skip the mantel shelf (and artwork) and opt with a clean-faced stone fireplace design. It allows the material to truly shine without having to compete with decorative items or contrasting materials.

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Fireplace Accent Wall

living room with wooden floor and large rug with white shiplap fireplace

James Nathan Schroder

A shiplap wall adds an extra layer of visual interest to this modern fireplace. To highlight the room’s open feel and tall ceiling, the shiplap extends all the way to the ceiling. This draws the eye up, while a colorful animal-print canvas emphasizes the height even more.

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Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

a light wood fireplace with a natural wood mantle and a tv over it. white couches

Edmund Barr

Planks of reclaimed wood create a cozy backdrop for a floating fireplace, mantel shelf, and TV. Its variations in color pull together the warm tones from the greige walls, jute area rug, and hardwood floor. For subtle contrast and a clean look, white slipcovered sofas, sheer curtain panels, and elegant crown molding provide contrast and brighten the neutral color palette.

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Wood and Stone Fireplace

contemporary fireplace with wood slats on wall around fireplace surround with contemporary decor on mantle

Lisa Romerein

A combination of wood layered against gray stone gives this streamlined fireplace a modern look. The two materials seamlessly blend cool and warm tones while maintaining a neutral color palette. To continue the contemporary aesthetic, an oversized mantel provides plenty of surface space to display artwork and decorative accents.

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Herringbone Tile Fireplace

living room with pale marble fireplace and dark furniture

Anne D. Schlechter

Contemporary design meets traditional materials in this modern fireplace. An elegant marble surround encases herringbone tile inside the firebox, adding a touch of pattern and sophistication to the space. A pair of wall sconces draws the eyes up, emphasize the fireplace as the room’s focal point, and create a visually pleasing sense of symmetry.

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Modern Fireplace Surround

1920s renovated living room with contemporary fireplace, gray walls with white woodwork and hardwood floors

Peter Molick

A geometric pattern and oversized fireplace surround introduce a modern element into this gray living room. While the majority of the room’s architectural features, including the detailed ceiling medallion, ornate window and door trim, and a coffered ceiling, are traditional, contemporary-style furniture and a modern fireplace instantly update the space.

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Lime-Washed Brick Fireplace

Living area w/vaulted ceiling and four white chairs and round coffee table, doors to patio, wood floors.

Edmund Barr

If you’re not a fan of your dark brick fireplace but you don’t want to paint it a solid color, lime-washing it gives you the best of both worlds. It instantly brightens the material and when layered against a white shiplap wall and paired with warm-toned hardwood floors, it’s makes an eye-catching addition to a modern farmhouse living room.

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Layered Materials

subway tile fireplace with a wood mantle

Better Homes & Gardens

A combination of marble subway tile, gray concrete, and light-toned wood give this modern fireplace a layered, custom-designed look. When mixing multiple contrasting materials, the key to a cohesive and uncluttered look is to maintain clean lines, stick to a simple design, and stay within a limited color palette.

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Sleek Marble Fireplace

soft pink curved armchair in corner by marble veined fireplace

Matthew Williams

For a clean and modern look, install a marble fireplace surround that’s flush with the wall. Marble is a timeless material that works just as well in a traditional setting as it does in a contemporary space. Complement beige slabs of marble with warm white walls and light hardwood floors to create an open and airy feel.

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Updated Traditional Fireplace

living room with white built-ins around fireplace, geometric tile surround, and geometric artwork above fireplace

Helen Norman

Ornate molding with classic bullseye details appears highly traditional, but there are several ways you can put a modern spin on the classic fireplace design if a total remodel isn't an option. Juxtapose the molding with a bold tile surround such as this black and white chevron tile to draw attention to the pattern. Paint the molding, mantel, and any built-ins all the same color to create a neutral backdrop, and add contemporary art and decor for stylistic contrast.

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Wall-Mounted Fireplace

bedroom with a fireplace and a mantle with a TV, large windows, and mirrors

Edmund Barr

A wall-mounted fireplace with a sleek, simple look fits well with this bedroom’s minimalist color scheme and modern design. The TV above the fireplace echoes the black firebox both in shape and color, which helps it blend in and appear less distracting. A chunky wood mantel brings in warmth, introduces a new material, and breaks up all the cool tones in the room.

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Black Tile Fireplace

living room with black, white and blue decor with a clean, modern look; Furniture in living room at home

Seth Smoot

A cozy seating arrangement centers around a sleek black fireplace in this modern living room. Create a contemporary look by using a single color, such as black, on the fireplace surround and mantel. Use a mix of materials and shapes—such as a high-gloss painted wood mantel and hexagon-shaped mosaic tile—to create subtle dimension and visual interest.

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Contemporary Fireplace

Living room with muted tones and minimalist decor - Interior of sitting room with furniture and autumn plants

Victoria Pearson

A raised fireplace drywall surround blends seamlessly with the surrounding warm white wall. Clean lines, a gray stone hearth, and an animal-themed photograph hanging above the firebox are enough to turn this simple-yet-stylish fireplace into a natural focal point.

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Modern Fireplace with Built-Ins

living room with modern fireplace surround flanked by bookshelves, original leaded-glass windows, white sofa, rug, and round coffee table

Lisa Romerein

Clean lines, minimalist design, and a symmetrical layout define this modern fireplace wall. Two built-in bookshelves flank a simple fireplace and are juxtaposed with intricately detailed windows that further the room’s symmetry. A wall-to-wall mantel shelf provides a surface for artwork, books, while decorative items add character and visual interest through color, texture, and height.

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Modern Fireplace Molding

Colorful painting on mantelpiece at home


Elegant white molding above this white brick fireplace dresses it up, emphasizing its role as a natural focal point while highlighting a colorful piece of abstract art. To create a harmonious look and help two different materials (such as wood and brick) blend well, paint them the same color. This will maintain their texture for slight contrast but instantly achieve a uniform appearance.

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Dark, Moody Fireplace

a dark charcoal wall with matching fireplace and folding chairs


Use a deep paint color on your fireplace wall to make a bold statement and to usher in a cozy atmosphere. To fully incorporate it, the color is used on the walls, mantel, and built-ins, as well as all the door and window trim in the room. To break up the solid color, a small-scale white tile arranged in a chevron pattern adorn the fireplace surround and pops against the moody charcoal gray.

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Modern Rustic Fireplace

living room with leather chairs and a white fireplace

Brie Williams 

A combination of crisp white paint, shiplap wall detail, and a light-wood mantel shelf gives this fireplace a modern rustic spin. Seamlessly integrate built-ins with a fireplace wall by continuing the same materials and colors for an integrated look and visual continuity.

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Gray Brick Fireplace

a gray fireplace with a mirror and candles

Stacy Zarin Goldberg 

Update a brick fireplace with a fresh coat of paint to instantly modernize it. Highlight it as the room’s focal point by painting the brick, surround, and any millwork that extends to the ceiling one color. Not only does this color blocked look give it a uniform feel, it also creates dimension and contrast with surrounding walls.

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Double-Height Fireplace

a large well lit living room with a rock fireplace

David A Land

If you’re working with a large, double-height open space, it requires an equally impactful fireplace. This gray stone fireplace extends to the full height of the ceiling and juts out for an extra bold statement. The rustic material brings in depth of color and contrasts the lightness of the white walls and oversized windows.

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Faux Fireplace

Interior of living room with furniture, decor and fireplace

Jason Donnelly

Modernize an outdated brick fireplace and brighten a room by painting it white and adding a clean-lined surround and mantel. Even if you don’t have a functioning fireplace, create the illusion of a wood burner with simple decorative logs that add warmth and texture.

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Painted Fireplace Surround

iving room with firplace painted olive green, stuffed green leather chair, and curvy velvet lounger


Make a bold design statement and paint your fireplace an unexpected color that will immediately update it. This deep moss-green color pops against light gray walls and draws attention to the beautiful millwork details on the fireplace surround.

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White Fireplace Mantel

iving room with deep blue sectional and Moroccan rug, white fireplace mantel and built-in cabinets with pops of bright colors

Anne D. Schlechter

A thin white floating mantel shelf hangs above a simple fireplace flanked by built-in shelves. Create a symmetrical fireplace wall without completely identical shelves on both sides by maintaining the same color, height, and width but varying open and closed shelving.

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Bedroom Fireplace

fireplace in master bedroom with reading chair in corner

Hector Sanchez

A dark gray fireplace brings in color contrast and balances out the warm color palette in this midcentury modern bedroom. A gold framed piece of abstract art pops against the deep color, while an Eames chair ties in its depth and provides a comfy spot to sit by a roaring fire.

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