8 Modern Fall Decor Ideas We Can’t Get Enough Of

Give your home seasonal flair with these modern decorating ideas.

Transitioning from summer to fall means two things: Embracing the return of pumpkin-flavored drinks, and watching Halloween decorations slowly trickle into favorite department stores. And while it can be bittersweet to say goodbye to summer, there’s something to be said for leaning into cooler temperatures, autumn colors, and fall decor.

We're all for reusing seasonal decor items, but if your pumpkins and faux leaf garlands are looking a little worse for wear, consider swapping them out for a more modern look. Of course, you don't have to spend your entire holiday budget on a new fall porchscape. Look for ways to repurpose your old decor (like giving faux pumpkins a fresh coat of paint) and add in a few new pieces if your budget allows.

So whether you’ve already fully embraced fall decorations or you’re just getting started, here are a few modern fall decor ideas that suit just about any home.

Pumpkins on the front steps of a house surrounded by mums.

Better Homes & Gardens / Adam Albright

Decorate a Modern Fall Porch

One of the easiest ways to embrace the changing seasons is to decorate your home's exterior. While you can always whip up some traditional carved pumpkins, create some color variation with different sizes and shades. Tans, creams, greens, and even painted gourds work well to bring in autumn hues and can double as a fun DIY craft project. Combine your pumpkin selection with a few mums (or other fall plants) and use white pots for a simple, polished look.

Front porch with wooden seating and flowers
Jay Wilde

Create a Modern Farmhouse Look

There’s a subtle connection between farmhouse style and fall decor, and if you lean towards the former, you can create the perfect autumn look. Modern farmhouse fall decor includes beige and cream hues, rustic finishes, and sleek black accents. Bring these elements together for a space that feels farmhouse while leaning contemporary.  

slate walls bedroom with midcentury modern nightstand
Kim Cornelison

Decorate with Earthy Colors

Traditional fall colors lend themselves well to a midcentury modern aesthetic. Earthy greens and moody orange tones will make your space feel warm and cozy as the weather outside cools down, turning your space into a welcoming autumn sanctuary. Plus, this color scheme is one of the most popular fall decorating trends of 2022, according to interior designers.

front steps monstera leaf carved pumpkins

Better Homes & Gardens / Adam Albright

Decorate with Mums

If you’re looking for something a little more showy, consider layering mums and pumpkins with contrasting colors. Opt for traditional pumpkins and bring in color like violets, lavenders, or bright magentas with your flowers. This display works especially well when paired with bold greenery or in an area where there is a dark backdrop of gray, brown, or black.

assorted gourds fall decor front cement steps

Better Homes & Gardens / Adam Albright

Play with Pastels

Nothing says fall quite like earth tones—dark and light—especially when they’re expertly contrasted with the colors of your home. If the exterior of your home is a darker hue, go light with your fall decor. Soft orange or pink pumpkins, white or beige florals, and a neutral door all create a modern fall look. Create a color pop with an autumn wreath and consider bringing in pampas or corn stalks for added texture.

rustic fall home bench pumpkin basket

Better Homes & Gardens / Werner Straube

Create a Rustic Fall Look

For an easy modern farmhouse fall decor idea, transform a shelf, table, or window bench into a rustic haven. Start with a vintage piece like a frame, vase, or wrought-iron rail, and pair it with a vintage photo or piece of statement art. Add a wire basket with colorful pumpkins and gourds and bring in complementary throw pillows for a cozy yet minimal look.

red mums and amaranth in copper vase

Better Homes & Gardens / Carson Downing

Go Bold with Fall Florals

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of modern and traditional, create a cornucopia for your kitchen or dining area. Fill a vintage vase with bright autumn leaves, mums, and golden amaranth. This mix of hues will liven up your eating area with warm colors. Plus, the rich maroon featured here fits both the fall and winter seasons. 

A pumpkin with a potted plant etched into it on a wooden crate.

Better Homes & Gardens / Adam Albright

Decorate with Shades of Orange

Get playful with your fall decor this season and bring in classic autumn colors, like orange, brown, and terracotta. Carved pumpkins are classic, but elevate them on benches, tables, or other wood fixtures for an intentional display. Pair your pumpkins with greenery—or carve your favorite houseplants right into your pumpkins—to make our outdoor space feel like the perfect fall retreat.   

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