MINNIDIP’s New Launch Will Turn Your Backyard into a Resort Destination

You won’t need an in-ground pool to feel like you’re on an extravagant summer vacation, thanks to MINNIDIP’s new collection of inflatables at Target.

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Minnidip inflatable fountain

Target | Design: Better Homes & Gardens

Transporting yourself to an island luxury resort without buying a plane ticket just became easier than ever. MINNIDIP, a designer inflatable pool brand, just dropped a brand-new spring collection exclusively at Target. The assortment features 13 different products, from splash pads to a gorgeous inflatable fountain. It officially launches on March 3 and is available for purchase now at Target, online and in-stores.

With inspiration drawn from Mediterranean beach clubs and Santorini views, you can take yourself on the ultimate getaway at home—with prices ranging from $33 to $53. 

MINNIDIP has previously made waves with the launch of its blow-up fountains, as part of two collections, which are sold out as of now. The newest fountain inflatable comes in a nautical tile pattern and features a scalloped edge and deep shade of ocean blue, adding the look of a real courtyard fountain to your outdoor space. It’s powered by a garden hose (which you likely already have on hand), and the spray height can reach up to 10 feet, depending on your water pressure. 

If you’re looking to do some actual dipping, the new line features seven inflatable pools, three sprinkler splash pads, and an adorable dog pool. They all feature modern, on-trend designs: rattan palm leaves, nautical stripes, colorful stripes and checkered patterns, citrus-themed waves, and a blue and purple gradient. The pools comfortably fit 2 to 3 adults—perfect for a mini pool party.

Buy it: Resort Collection Fountain, $43, target.com; Resort Collection Tufted Inflatable Pool in Rattan Palm, $53, target.com; Tufted Inflatable Pool in Cabana, $53, target.com; Minni-Minni Inflatable Pool, $32, target.com; Splash Pad, $32, target.com

Pool setup is simple, taking just minutes to inflate (you can even use a hairdryer set to cool or an air mattress pump) and upkeep is minimal. Pick a flat, level surface in your yard and make sure there’s no debris that could cause punctures. Get yourself a small ladder, skimmer, and a sand filter or cartridge filter system to complete your backyard pool setup.

There are three different pool types depending on what style you’re going for: tufted, 3-ring, and the Minni-Minni. Along with the 2023 Resort Collection at Target, you can also shop inflatable ball pits, pool floats, drinkware, and more on MINNIDIP’s site.

Create your dream at-home oasis by adding lounge chairs, umbrellas, cute beach towels, and a projector or screen for an outdoor movie night by your new inflatables. With the new MINNIDIP collection, you won’t have to feel like you’re missing out on the in-ground pool experience. Start shopping on March 3 for ample time to dive into your summer setup—and to snag your own inflatable water feature before supplies run out.

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