11 Minimalist Living Room Ideas to Simplify Your Space

Upgrade your home's gathering space with a clean and calm design.

A living room is meant to be a place to gather and unwind, so it's an ideal location to implement minimalist style. Incorporating a minimalist design style is an easy way to take a step back from the noise and chaos of day-to-day life, so you can relax in a space that feels intentional and calming.

If you're picturing an all-white space with sparse furniture, think again. Just as you wouldn't want a maximalist-style room to read as messy or cluttered, you don't want a minimalist living room to come across as impersonal or sterile. Don't be afraid to embrace color, texture, and natural elements in your space, as long as they don't overwhelm the room.

farmhouse style room modern furniture
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To help you update your living space, we're sharing our best minimalist living room ideas. Stick to the essentials and add in a few carefully chosen details to capture your design style without added clutter.

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Use Clean Lines and Basic Shapes

white living room with gray couch

Matthew Williams

Pair angular furniture with simple, classic shapes to create a minimalist look without sacrificing function. Here, a large round mirror and circular coffee table soften the lines in this neutral living space, while cozy textiles offer inviting texture. When decorating a sparse room, opt for luxe textures and fabrics, such as blankets and rugs, to add comfort and personality that typically comes from artwork or decor.

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Hang a Statement Mirror

white living room with geometric mirror

Jay Wilde

To make a minimalist living room look large and airy, hang a statement mirror above the fireplace. If the fireplace isn't an option, dress up an otherwise blank wall. In this minimalist room, the lack of a traditional mantel makes the large octagonal mirror pop. Crisp shiplap adds understated farmhouse style that works well as a backdrop, while a vibrant patterned rug keeps the room from falling flat.

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Lean on Natural Textures

white living room with white couch

Jay Wilde

With limited decor and a neutral color palette, it's easy for minimalist living room designs to appear boring. An easy way to prevent this is to embrace natural textures wherever possible. Here, wood, leather, and jute accents lend texture to a neutral rug and linen sofa for an inviting, earthy feel.

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Streamline Your Color Palette

A green living room with several lamps and a brick fireplace

Max Kim-Bee

This monochromatic living room busts the myth that minimalist spaces have to be all white. To add color without clutter, opt for a single color with subtle variations on the hue. Here, green wall paint creates a serene backdrop for the green sofa and velvet armchairs. Small accents of warm yellow and gold make the space feel warm and inviting without taking over.

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Embrace Natural Light

farmhouse style room modern furniture
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If you're lucky enough to have large windows in your living room, embrace natural light as a decor element. It instantly creates a bright, airy atmosphere that makes your space appear larger and more open. In this space, high ceilings and large, curtain-free windows allow colorful furniture to pop without overwhelming the minimalist living room.

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Invest in Practical Pieces

white living room with leather chair and potted plant

Annie Schlechter

One of the tenets of minimalist design is that all furniture used in the space should be functional. The brown leather Eames-style chair in this modern living room appears both sophisticated and cozy. Because the walls, curtain, and art are all fairly subdued, the chair and bright area rug anchor the seating area.

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Add Storage to Hide Clutter

white living room with gray couch and tv

Adam Albright

A living room needs to be a functional gathering place, no matter which decorating style you choose. If you have a lot of clutter, like electronic gadgets or kids toys, look for storage solutions that will keep everything accessible, but out of sight. Here, simple furniture pieces and white built-ins keep the room looking sparse while providing ample storage space for all your family movie night essentials.

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Scandinavian Style

white living room with gray couch

Victoria Pearson

With it's soft color palette, natural touches, and textures, this minimalist living room exudes Scandi style. The slanted wall and round table add visual interest, while the large branches provide color that can easily be swapped as the seasons change. A large sofa and simple accent chair provide plenty of seating without adding clutter to the space.

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Opt for Neutral Colors

white living room with wood coffee table

Edmund Barr

Various shades of white and cream give this minimalist living room a tranquil feel. The stark white brick fireplace complements off-white walls and a cream-colored rug, adding subtle dimension without introducing new colors. The neutral foundation allows a statement coffee table to take center stage and imbue the living area with personality.

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Start with Texture

white living room with natural and blue coastal accents
Joyelle West

This living room has a lot of texture, but the neutral color palette creates an airy feel. Aside from the couch, every piece of furniture has an open base with minimal weight, which fits the minimalist aesthetic. The thin legs of the coffee table, ottomans, and accent chairs create more visual floor space, giving the illusion that the space is larger than it really is.

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Embrace an Accent Color

A beachy orange walled room with paneling. White couch with pink rug.

Carson Downing

Minimalism doesn't have to be void of color. While many minimalist living rooms feature neutral wall colors, it's entirely possible to embrace a brighter shade—like this cheerful tangerine—while maintaining a streamlined look. The clean lines of the wall molding give the space dimension, while the monochromatic accent wall provides an uncluttered foundation for intentional decor pieces.

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