12 Decorating Ideas for Midcentury Modern Bedrooms

Give your bedroom a timeless retro look.

Infuse your bedroom with midcentury modern style for a streamlined, classic look. With natural wood tones, curved lines, and minimal color palettes, this iconic design style is the perfect choice for a bedroom. Modernism blossomed in the 1950s and gave the world iconic classics, such as the Eames lounge chair and tulip table. Whether you're team neutrals or deep jewel tones, you'll find a little bit of everything in this retro style. See how to incorporate elements of this timeless design aesthetic into your own midcentury modern bedroom.

green velvet headboard

Brie Williams

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Calming Neutrals

neutral midcentury modern bedroom

Edmund Barr 

Layered neutrals give this bedroom a sophisticated, calming feel. Play with tone, texture, and materials to add interest to a neutral color palette. Crisp white walls form the backdrop for warm beiges, browns, and wood accents in this midcentury bedroom, while cream carpeting softens the space. Floor-length curtain panels create a sense of height, and a set of framed paintings balance a low upholstered headboard. A sleek armchair, a pair of wooden nightstands, and modern lighting add unmistakable midcentury style.

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Midcentury Classic

wood paneled midcentury bedroom

Laura Hull

This spacious bedroom is what midcentury modern dreams are made of. A wood-paneled wall with a built-in bed, wardrobe, and nightstands is a stunning focal point that's characteristic of the 1950s style. To lighten up the space, cream-color shag carpeting softens the room and ties in the color of the floor-to-ceiling window treatments. Oversized windows flood the bedroom with plenty of natural light and provide a view of lush greenery to connect the indoors with the outdoors for another classic midcentury touch.

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Complementary Colors

white and blue midcentury bedroom

Dana Gallagher

A saturated dose of two complementary colors, orange and blue, pops against white shiplap walls in this midcentury modern bedroom. When using two accent colors, take cues from this space and incorporate the colors through a mix of solid bed linens, patterned accent pillows, painted furniture, and textured rugs. To prevent a matchy-matchy look, incorporate metallic accents, such as these brass wall sconces, and mix in different textures and materials, like a sculptural pendant light and Moroccan leather pouf at the foot of the bed.

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Layered Comfort

green midcentury bedroom

Kim Cornelison

Rich jewel tones, layered textures, and streamlined furniture give this midcentury modern bedroom a sophisticated yet cozy feel. A dark blue wall color is a moody backdrop for elegant white trim, colorful velvet throw pillows, and a white shag area rug. Incorporating natural materials is one of the characteristic traits of midcentury design. In this bedroom, a low-slung walnut nightstand and a linen lampshade bring in warmth and break up the saturated colors.

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Midcentury Modern Nursery

eames chair in a nursery

Jay Wilde

Midcentury modern design goes kid-friendly in this stylish nursery. Two 1950s furniture icons, a white leather Eames lounge chair and a tulip-style side table, elevate the nursery's reading nook while adding a comfy spot to curl up before bedtime. White floating shelves hold a collection of books, photos, and toys. Pops of blue and yellow stand out against crisp white walls and furniture for a little touch of whimsy.

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Luxurious Velvet

green velvet headboard

Brie Williams

A tufted moss-green upholstered bed creates a stunning focal point in this bright midcentury modern bedroom. The fabric's rich color and material lend a touch of luxury to casual white bedding and throw pillows. Mismatched nightstands add to the relaxed feel while framed artwork and brass wall sconces bring in a symmetrical element. To add extra coziness, consider layering area rugs—use a natural textured rug, such as sisal or jute, as the base and place an ornamental rug on top.

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Bold Midcentury Bedroom

orange midcentury wallpaper

Jay Wilde

Bright pops of orange and a bold wallpapered accent wall infuse this bedroom with midcentury modern flair. A dark wood credenza, flared-leg desk, and leather swivel chair—all pieces synonymous with this design style—pair well with the warm accent colors and touches of brass. Don't be afraid of mixing patterns. Take cues from this geometric wallpaper and floral upholstered bed and juxtapose contrasting patterns that have at least one color in common to tie the two together.

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Warm Wood Tones

neutral wood midcentury bedroom

Adam Albright

Warm wood planks turn the sloped ceiling in this midcentury modern bedroom into a focal point. Mirroring the hardwood floors, the natural material creates a cabin-like feel. To accommodate the ceiling height, a low platform bed upholstered in light gray fabric sits between two flared-leg nightstands characteristic of midcentury design. Black swing-arm sconces add symmetry, contrast, and a sculptural element to the space.

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Midcentury Meets Eclectic

textile filled bedroom

Emily Followill

An eclectic mix of textures and patterns turns this primary bedroom into a chic retreat. A burnt-orange rug featuring a geometric pattern hangs on the wall and replaces a headboard, while linen bedding and plush throw pillows add softness and a casual aesthetic. Instead of painting walls, take inspiration from this midcentury-style bedroom and draw attention to the ceiling. Black molding and beams paired with light wood paneling create drama and definition, echoing the flooring and front door to tie the space together.

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Monochrome Bedroom

neutral midcentury bedroom

Edmund Barr

A mostly monochromatic color palette gives this midcentury-style bedroom a soothing atmosphere. While black and white are the predominant colors, they're used in different ways—from furniture and bedding to accessories and lighting—to add dimension. To break up the palette, introduce natural textures such as floating wood shelves, wicker baskets, or a woven bench. Or incorporate greenery with potted plants.

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Blue Accent Wall

blue midcentury bedroom

Kim Cornelison

If a room's architecture poses a challenge, instead of fighting against it, embrace it. A deep blue accent wall, lush curtain panels, and a long horizontal window replace a headboard in this cozy bedroom. The elements add height and draw the eyes up to a white shiplap ceiling that brightens up the space. Mint-green nightstands, yellow throw pillows, and a red patterned comforter add a splash of color.

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Music Lover's Retreat

midcentury bedroom with guitars

John Granen

Showcase an interest in music by mounting instruments on a bedroom wall or displaying guitars in stands. Their curved shapes break up all the linear features—tall vertical built-ins, colorful striped bedding, and a platform bed with a planked wood base—in this midcentury bedroom. A barn door separates the bedroom from the bathroom and adds interest to an otherwise plain white wall. Artwork and a collection of decorative items fill the tall shelves above the bed.

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