Why the Matcha Martini Is the Drink to Sip This Spring

Matcha martinis offer benefits beyond their flavor. Here’s why tea drinkers and martini lovers alike will be ordering this spring-green cocktail this year.

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We’ve been singing the praises of coffee-flavored cocktails as of late, but it makes sense that when espresso martinis began to trend, matcha martinis would soon follow suit. After all, matcha bars and cafes have sprung up all across the country, and people love this healthier coffee alternative to jumpstart their mornings.

Although you should always be aware of the effects of mixing caffeine and alcohol (your body dehydrates at a quicker rate, you might temporarily feel like you’re less drunk than you really are, etc.), drinking a matcha martini in place of an espresso martini won’t cause such a quick system crash in your body.

If you’re going to opt for this drink, make sure to do it in moderation, but there are a few reasons why matcha martinis are the glowed-up version of espresso martinis.

How to Order (and Even Make) Matcha Martinis

Matcha martini recipes are blowing up all over TikTok, probably because their bright green hue make them as beautiful as they are delicious. TikTok user @liv.yah shared her go-to recipe, which includes matcha tea, vanilla syrup, vodka, and white chocolate liqueur. The matcha you use in this drink is the same tea you brew for your morning beverage, and the white chocolate liqueur gives the drink its creamy texture, making it super similar to ordering a matcha latte (just, you know, with an alcohol content). You can swap out vanilla syrup with homemade simple syrup for just a touch of sweetness as desired.

This drink is super easy to make at home, but ordering it while at a bar or restaurant will all come down to whether the restaurant has matcha on-hand or not. If they do have matcha but no house recipe for a matcha martini, just request two parts matcha, one part vodka, half part sweetener, and half part cream liqueur.

The result is a creamy, delicious, and antioxidant-filled alcoholic beverage (yup, you read that right!) that will help keep you awake into the night just a little longer. Just make sure to drink responsibly, and don’t go overboard: Pair your alcoholic drinks with plenty of water to counteract the effects of dehydration that alcohol and caffeine cause.

The Benefits of a Matcha Martini

If you have a choice between coffee and matcha for your caffeine hit, nutritionists say you should always opt for matcha. Why? This Japanese green tea packs a serious antioxidant punch. Antioxidants help protect your cells from the free radicals that your body is exposed to on a daily basis from environmental pollution, smoke, or radiation. Antioxidants help protect your cells and therefore may help stave off various ailments, according to the Mayo Clinic.

The caffeine found in matcha is also considered healthier for your heart as compared to the caffeine found in coffee. The caffeine in matcha is less intense and releases into your bloodstream over time, as opposed to coffee, which releases all at once, causing the post-coffee crash we’re all familiar with. So when it comes to pairing matcha with alcohol, its effects on the body will be a bit less harsh.

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