14 Beautiful Marble Backsplash Ideas

Give your kitchen backsplash a timeless makeover with this classic stone surface.

Transitional style kitchen with modern style dining set

Jeff Herr

Few materials are as classic and elegant as marble. Whether it's a single slab with pronounced veins or subway tile arranged in a herringbone pattern, you can't go wrong with a marble backsplash. It exudes luxury and its timeless aesthetic pairs just as well with a traditional-style kitchen as it does with an ultra-modern one.

Sure, your backsplash serves a practical function, but it's also a great way to add style, color, and pattern. There are various types and formats of marble, including white marble, black marble, honed, polished, slab, tile ... the design possibilities are practically endless. And while it might sound like an expensive backsplash material, there are ways to use marble strategically to stay on budget and create a stunning focal point.

Check out our favorite marble backsplash ideas that include a rustic farmhouse focal point, a contemporary black marble-clad space, and everything in between.

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Pair with Dark Cabinets

blue kitchen with marble backsplash

Dylan Chandler

Dark blue cabinets stand out against a single slab of marble whose pronounced gray veins pull out the cool gray undertones of the paint color. The clean and simple lines of the cabinets contrast the detailed marble veining that extends to the ceiling for a modern look. Streamlined brass hardware and a walnut floating shelf bring in warmth and introduce new materials to create a more layered design.

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Mix Metals

marble kitchen backsplash counter with cut flowers and place settings

Helen Norman

Marble subway tile with light gray and brown veining sets the tone for mixed metals in this white kitchen. Polished chrome knobs on the upper cabinets and antique brass pulls on the lower cabinets pull in the warm and cool tones of the backsplash for visual balance and an inviting feel. White countertops and cabinetry showcase the marble's natural patterns and keep the kitchen open and airy.

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Stick with Cool Tones

gray kitchen marble backsplash

Emily Followill

A single slab of heavily veined marble pairs with polished chrome accents and dark gray cabinets in this beautiful kitchen. The marble backsplash seamlessly transitions into the countertops for a fluid, luxurious look. For added interest, consider layering a marble backsplash with an accent tile. Here, gray subway tile laid in a herringbone design adds visual interest and contrasting color for a striking effect.

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Extend to the Countertops

kitchen with black honed marble backsplash


A black honed marble backsplash extends to the countertops in this charming modern farmhouse kitchen. Unlike polished marble, which has a glossy surface, honed marble has a matte finish that makes it more durable. However, it is more susceptible to stains. The seamless transition from the backsplash to the countertop elevates the kitchen, while mushroom-colored cabinets, wood accents, and brass hardware give the space a cozy, casual vibe.

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Go Classic

Transitional style kitchen with modern style dining set

Jeff Herr

A single slab of marble exudes elegance, and its natural veining adds subtle detail and color contrast. This gorgeous marble backsplash features a curved silhouette that echoes the shape of the range hood. Two brass wall sconces add a touch of warmth and tie in a candelabra-style chandelier that hangs above a marble-topped tulip dining table. Repetition of materials in different forms throughout the same room creates continuity and helps the space feel intentional.

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Pay Attention to Details

diamond patterned marble kitchen backsplash

Brie Goldman

Details take a kitchen from standard to custom. A kitchen backsplash provides an ideal opportunity to add character and a decorative element, as this diamond-shaped marble backsplash proves. The geometric pattern creates dimension and points the eyes up, therefore visually extending the ceiling height. The tile's gold outlines highlight the pattern and warm up the white marble, tying in the warmth of the wood cabinets.

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Add Drama with Black Marble

black marble kitchen backsplash

Adam Albright

A black marble backsplash adds drama and a sleek, moody look to this modern kitchen. The organic nature of the detailed veins creates a stunning pattern that juxtaposes the streamlined wood cabinets and floating shelf. The simplicity of the cabinet doors balances out the busyness of the marble, while matte black hardware ties in with the backsplash. Warm and cool tones meet through the natural materials for the perfect blend of high-end design and practical function.

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Extend to the Ceiling

kitchen with gray marble backsplash

Jay Wilde

Gray marble subway tile extending from the countertop to the ceiling creates a neutral backdrop in this rustic kitchen. There is just enough color variation in the backsplash to give the wall subtle dimension while keeping the space light and bright. Unexpected material pairings, including chunky wood shelves with black metal brackets, make an eye-catching statement against a marble backsplash.

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Play with Scale

white kitchen with marble tile backsplash

Edmund Barr

Small-scale marble tile forms a beautifully detailed backsplash in this white kitchen. Solid surfaces, including he cabinets, range hood, and farmhouse sink, allow the tiny tile to stand out instead of compete for attention. Glass-front upper cabinets lighten the space and stainless-steel appliances and polished nickel hardware bring out the gray marble tones for a clean, contemporary look.

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Warm It Up

white kitchen marble backsplash

Kim Cornelison

A white marble backsplash continues the all-white color palette in this kitchen and extends into the countertops. Black hardware and a statement light fixture bring in a contrasting color, but it's the butcher-block island countertop and wood stools that usher in warmth to transform the kitchen. If your kitchen has marble countertops, mix things up with a different material—such as wood—on the island.

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Blend Modern and Traditional

traditional gray kitchen with marble backsplash


A slab marble backsplash with dramatic gray and brown veins adds a modern touch to traditional kitchen cabinets. A mirrored detail on the upper cabinets adds glamour and helps bounce light around. The cabinets pull their gray paint color from the veins in the marble backsplash and countertop. Grab a few paint swatches and place them against your marble backsplash to see what shades you can pull from for a cohesive color scheme.

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Go Blue

white kitchen marble backsplash

Ed Gohlich

For a classic combination, pair a marble backsplash with blue accents. This marble backsplash complements traditional elements, including a detailed wood range hood, polished cabinet hardware, and a coffered ceiling. Touches of blue through the rattan counter stools and antique pottery add a sophisticated pop of color and help draw the eyes to the blue walls in the adjoining room.

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Add a Little Bling

range hood over stove in modern kitchen with marble backsplash

Brie Williams

When it comes to kitchen hardware, think of it as the final layer that completes the look, just like jewelry completes an outfit. A polished brass pot filler, cabinet pulls, and stove details add warmth to this kitchen, which includes a slab marble backsplash. If you want to use marble but need to stick to a budget, instead of using it throughout your entire kitchen, pick one spot—such as behind the stove—and use it as a backsplash detail. It will create a beautiful focal point while saving you money.

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Pair Marble and Glass

modern kitchen marble backsplash and glass decor

Brie Williams

Pair a white marble backsplash with lots of glass to give your kitchen an open, airy feel. Glass pendant lights, upper cabinet fronts, and three windows above a farmhouse sink lighten this space and complement the modern slab-style backsplash. Polished chrome hardware and stainless-steel appliances continue the clean aesthetic and a splash of cheery yellow adds a little whimsy.

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