12 Makeup Storage Ideas for All Your Favorite Cosmetics

Give your vanity and cabinets a makeover with these brilliant makeup organization ideas.

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You might wear it every day or reserve it for special occasions. Your routine could be detailed or a dash between getting the kids off to school. And the amount you own might be abundant or minimal. Regardless, your makeup deserves a proper place in your home so you can find what you need when you need it. Ideally, that place is where you apply it, such as a bathroom, bedroom, or even your home office, if that’s where you find the best lighting. 

Organizing your cosmetics not only shaves time off of your morning routine, but it can also save money. Seeing everything you own encourages you to use what you have and prevents you from buying unnecessary duplicates. Efficiently storing things also avoids leaks and cracks, helping your cosmetics last longer.

Check out the following ideas for makeup organization and find inspiration for your space.

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Use a Traditional Dressing Table

vanity with makeup containers and storage drawer
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If space allows, consider a conventional makeup vanity that you can comfortably sit at to apply your products. Use both the drawers and the surface to store your things. Ceramic dishes inside drawers help contain seldom-used makeup while the surface displays daily items. Place your favorite lipstick and perfume onto a tray for easy access.

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Find a Flip-Top Vanity

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While small, makeup can create a lot of visual clutter. If you prefer a more streamlined look, consider a vanity with a hinged lid, which allows you to hide everything away. Usually, the storage space in a flip-top vanity is deeper than in drawers so you can tuck more out of sight. To keep things neat within the compartment, use organizers to separate eyeliners from eyeshadows, hair ties from cotton swabs, and more.

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Use Compartments to Contain Makeup

makeup storage bathroom drawer with separators
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Even if you decide to store makeup in bathroom drawers, as opposed to a vanity, it’s important to keep things separated. Find individual inserts or a tray with a variety of compartments that fit the width, depth, and height of the drawer. From there, group together lipsticks in one section, makeup brushes in another, and so on. Using organizers keeps everything tidy and preserves the drawer in case of any spills.

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Stack Inserts in a Deep Drawer

neat makeup drawer storage bathroom
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If your bathroom drawer is deep and the inserts are shallow, make the most of the available space by stacking one on top of another. Place the less often used items at the bottom and pop everyday essentials on top. Leave a little wiggle room on the top layer so that you can simply slide the insert forward or backward to reach items underneath.

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Repurpose a Spice Organizer

nail polish storage plastic dividers in drawer
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Just because something is meant for the kitchen, doesn’t mean it can’t benefit another space as well. Take, for example, a slanted tiered spice organizer. Lay it down in a drawer and organize your nail polish or foundation bottles so that they stay in place. This lets you see everything you have and makes them easy to grab in a hurry.

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Install Sliding Drawers in a Deep Cabinet

white metal baskets in medicine cabinet
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Perhaps you’d prefer to stash your stuff in a bathroom cabinet or linen closet. Deep shelving can pose a problem for almost any organizing project but is especially tricky when used for small items like makeup. A quick and easy way to prevent things from getting lost in the abyss is to install pull-out drawers. Contain items by category within the drawer to keep them better organized.

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Corral Cosmetics in a Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinet with clear compartments
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If you own only a few cosmetic items, consider using a medicine cabinet for storage. Find a clear, narrow container to corral items together on a shelf. You can also choose to store a few essentials here and place products you wear less frequently, such as false eyelashes or bright lipstick, somewhere else. Another option is to repurpose an old mug or glass to hold makeup brushes upright so long as it fits the depth of the medicine cabinet.

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Store Makeup on the Inside of a Door

cabinet door with magnetic storage attachment
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An often overlooked space to store stuff is the inside of cabinet doors. Add a mirror and a magnetic basket to the inside of a medicine cabinet or vanity door to hold makeup. You can also attach an adhesive organizer or hang an over-the-door basket instead. This hides clutter while simultaneously keeping products organized and easy to reach.

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Give New Life to a Pretty Bowl

ornate painted bowl makeup storage
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Have a sentimental container that needs a use? Use it as a cache for makeup. Place a bowl or dish on top of your bathroom counter and tuck in some of your daily favorites. Avoid overloading it with too many bottles or brushes to keep clutter at bay.

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Embrace the Vintage Look

metal tray and vases filled with makeup items
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Channel old Hollywood glamour by using vintage pieces to store your makeup. An antique tray can serve as the base to keep everything neat. Play with open sterling silver pitchers for makeup brushes or lipstick storage. Add a trinket dish for odds and ends.

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Make Use of Vertical Wall Space

light green bathroom with wood and clear storage shelves
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Need makeup storage ideas for small spaces? Wherever you do your makeup, find a blank wall and hang a few floating shelves. Use small containers to organize your makeup by type, and place them strategically on the shelving. Add in a few aesthetic touches, such as a framed piece of art or succulent, to personalize the area.

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Hide Makeup Inside a Freestanding Cabinet

tall blue bathroom cabinet storage
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If you’re lacking a medicine cabinet, linen closet, or vanity with storage, consider squeezing in a freestanding piece to give you extra storage in a small bathroom. Find bins that fit the shelves and tuck away your makeup inside. Place a decorative tray on top and arrange your prettiest perfume bottles for a functional display. 

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