10 Creative Ideas for Living Room Wall Decor

Bring your living space to life with these wall decor ideas.

a modern living room with a TV situated among a photo wall.

Dylan Chandler

If you're hitting a blank wall when it comes to decorating your living room, don't be afraid to get creative. Think of wall decor like jewelry. You've already got the basic outfit put together—or, in this case, the living room furniture—but you need a finishing touch to complete the look and tie everything together. Wall decor does that for a living room, adding depth and visual interest while complementing your design aesthetic.

Go beyond basic wall frames and take inspiration from our favorite living room wall decor ideas. From statement paneling to removable wallpaper, creating an accent wall will instantly dress up your space. Or, opt in to the biophilic design trend and take advantage of decorative storage solutions. We're sharing our favorite ways to bring living room walls to life and turn your house into a home.

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Hang Large-Scale Art

a living room with a large abstract picture of a tree stump

Adam Albright

An oversized piece of artwork is a simple yet effective way to decorate a living room wall. It makes a striking focal point when hung against a contrasting backdrop, like this gray and white print hung on a moody blue shiplap wall. With large artwork, it’s especially important that the print matches the style and color scheme of the room, as something of that size won’t go unnoticed. Draw even more attention to the piece and elevate the look with a well-positioned picture light.

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Hang Living Room Shelves

 jewel-toned living room with shelving above a teal couch

Buff Strickland

If you’re looking for living room wall decor that allows for constant evolution, consider installing shelves. They are endlessly versatile, encouraging creativity and allowing you to rearrange your decor at any time. Switch up the plants, art pieces, and books throughout the year to suit the changing seasons. Shelves also allow you to experiment with both 2D and 3D objects, so you're not limited the way you might be with plain wall frames.

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Go Green with Biophilic Wall Decor

a green room with plant decor and and orange couch

Carson Downing

Satisfy your craving to connect with the natural world with biophilic wall decor. Paintings and prints depicting the natural world are lovely, but they don’t provide the same mood-boosting effect and health benefits as natural plants. Indoor plant walls and planters are an easy way to refresh your living space and connect with nature. Alternatively, add a few small indoor pot plants to some wall-mounted floating shelves.

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Install Wall Paneling

A beachy orange walled room with paneling. White couch with pink rug.

Carson Downing

Wall paneling is an effective way to add character and interest to your living room. In this bright living room, Georgian-style paneling adds a touch of finesse and grandeur to the space without overwhelming the walls. For a beachside or cozy cabin look, opt for shiplap or tongue-and-groove paneling, or keep it simple with a contemporary Shaker style. Besides adding a decorative touch, wall paneling can provide thermal and acoustic insulation, hides wall defects, and protects walls from damage.

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Wallpaper Accent Wall

chandelier living room vintage trunk mural
Hector Sanchez

Creating an accent wall with patterned wallpaper is an easy way to embrace color and pattern. Covering all four walls in wallpaper can sometimes be too overwhelming for a living space, so turning one wall into a focal point is a good compromise. If you’re nervous about how it might look, or live in a rental, consider peel-and-stick options that can be easily removed.

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Install Open Shelving

a neutral living room with a log pile stacked in a shelving gap and a picture on the back wall

Jay Wilde

Niches and alcoves are often unfairly labeled as awkward spaces when they actually provide the ideal backdrop for decor. In this rustic living room, one niche is used to store firewood, creating a textural backdrop that adds interest, depth, and character to the space. Open shelving in the other niche provides a place for decorative displays of personal objects that tie the room's decor together.

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Create a Gallery Wall

a white couch under an orderly photo wall grid with a green plush table

Edmund Barr

Nailing a gallery wall look can be difficult, but this modern take on the trend couldn't be easier to complete. Invest in a set of matching frames (we recommend a set of 4, 9, or 16) and hang them in a neatly-stacked grid to create a focal point. Fill the frames with family photos or a colorful series of posters inspired by your living room color scheme. Pick two or three colors from the framed artwork and repeat them around the room with decorative accessories and soft furnishings for a cohesive look.

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Line the Walls with Picture Ledges

a modern living room with a TV situated among a photo wall.

Dylan Chandler

Picture ledges make an easy and stylish wall feature. Because they are less protrusive than traditional shelves, they are often a better option for small or narrow living rooms. Gather all your favorite paintings, prints, or photographs and layer them together, playing with different frame shapes and sizes to create movement and visual interest. Create an eclectic look with varying styles of frames, or stick to black and white for a contemporary monochromatic look.

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Stick to a Theme

A room with colorful neutrals and baseballs in tubes as wall decor

Jason Donnelly

Here's a novel living room wall decor idea: Hang tall glass cylinder vases or containers and fill them with objects that match the theme of the room. If you commonly use the living space to watch sports, fill them with all kinds of balls. For a rustic or seasonal look, fill them with pinecones and faux fall leaves. Not only will they add interest and brighten up your living room walls, but they’ll also make a natural conversation starter. Ensure the shelf and vases are placed high enough that you won't hit your head on them while relaxing on the couch.

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Turn Your Fireplace into a Focal Point

metallic gray fireplace with candles and plants on the mantle

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, it’s time to make the most of it Fireplaces are the natural focal point in any room, so it makes sense to capitalize on it by turning it into wall decor. Paint the fireplace (and wall above it) a different shade than the rest of the room to make it stand out, and center it with a large mirror over the mantel. Then, line the mantelpiece with candlesticks, potted plants, family photos, or small pieces of artwork and personal trinkets. Display objects of varying heights to maximize visual interest.

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