10 Living Room Rug Ideas for Every Style

Whether your space is full of color or embraces neutrals, the perfect area rug can tie a room together.

blue living room

Carson Downing

The living room is often the focal point of a home, so it should reflect your personal design style. And the right area rug can perfectly tie together even the most intricately-designed room. Whether your preferences are bold and colorful or a blend of cozy neutrals, there's a living room rug to match every style.

From simple to ornate, the right area rug can either blend into the background or become the room's focal point. Laying down a new rug is also an easy way to give your living space a quick refresh. Simply decide which rug size best fits your space, then choose a color and pattern that complements the pieces you already have. To help inspire your own living space, we're sharing our favorite living room rug ideas.

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Neutral Living Room

light rug with dark accent wall

John Bessler

If you’re creating a neutral color palette, add a textured rug, like jute or wool, that complements the elements in your design. This works especially well in living rooms that have dark accent walls or furniture pieces. A lighter rug brightens the space and ties together other neutral elements in the space.

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Create a Focal Point

living room with white textured rug
Jay Wilde

In a living room with complementary colors, add a rug that softens the look without matching too much of the overall design. Paired with browns and dark green colors, a beige rug works well in this space because it fades into the background, keeping the focus on the couch. An area rug is also an easy way to define a space in an open-concept home because it provides a visual border around the room.

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Patterned Living Room Rug

living room with black and white zigzag rug
Jay Wilde

For a modern look, consider adding a funky patterned rug to create the illusion of movement. In this living room, a bold chevron rug contrasts solid design elements and makes the room appear larger thanks to its pattern. Paired with playful, pixelated art and white walls, the rug energizes the space.

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Striped Living Room Rug

living room with spotted black and white sofa with pink patterned pillows
Adam Albright

To draw the eye from one part of your living room to the other, try a striped rug. In this room, where busy textures and patterns are the primary elements, a striped rug allows the eye to move across the space. The gold tones in the rug match the coffee table and tie together the light fixtures and gold accents. Although there are quite a few patterns at play, the stripes act as a neutral to help ground the room.

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Complement a Wall Color

white and gray pattern living room rug

Kim Cornelison

One of the best ways to create cohesion in your living room is to match your area rug with your wall color. In a living room where shades of white and light gray dominate, a neutral rug that combines the wall colors with texture makes the space feel more cohesive. Rugs with lighter colors are also less distracting, providing a calm, cozy vibe.

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Match Window Treatments

bhg living room rug

Adam Albright

One of the easiest living room area rug ideas is to match carpeting with drapes. A matching rug can ground your design elements, especially in a smaller space with bold patterns. If your living room is on the playful side—think striking colors, funky patterns, and quite a bit of contrast—an area rug that matches solid window treatments can soften the look.

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Soften a Space with a Shag Rug

blue living room

Carson Downing

In an otherwise bold living room, a plush area rug adds comfort and a place for eyes to rest. A high-pile or shag rug is not only cozy to the touch, but it also adds texture and contrast. A shag rug includes any tufted, woven, or knotted rug with a long, plush pile. Note that these styles can be more difficult to clean than low-pile options and may shed fibers.

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Match an Accessory

black and white living room area rug

Brie Williams

If you’re not sure exactly which rug fits in your space, an easy solution is to choose a style that matches a single element of your design. Select a chair, pillow, or wall art, and look for a rug that matches the colors, patterns, or textures. Here, the black-and-white pattern on the chair and throw pillows perfectly complement the colors of the rug. Matching your rug with a statement piece (or two) creates cohesion that allows other elements of the room to stand out.

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Layer Multiple Rugs

living room with lined patterned rug
David Land

If you’re looking to add texture to your space, consider adding more than one area rug to your living room. Similar to layering blankets or pillows on a couch, this makes your living room feel cozier and more inviting. Choose rugs that are similar in color or style to create a connection throughout the space, but don’t worry about them being the same size. You'll be overlapping them anyway, so the more varied, the better!

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Use an Area Rug in an Open Concept

neutral area rug in modern farmhouse living room

James Nathan Schroder

If your living space is open and airy, a large area rug in the center of the room can bring the space together and provide a focal point. It can also be especially helpful as the starting point for a living room furniture arrangement. This open living room's furniture is intentionally gathered around the fireplace, with a neutral rug anchoring the design.

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