This New Collection Proves that Wallpaper Borders Have a Bright Future

A collaboration between paint and wallpaper company Lick and designer Kelly Hoppen is giving wallpaper borders a contemporary makeover.

Wallpaper borders by Lick and Kelly Hoppen


Wallpaper—peel-and-stick and traditional alike—has defied the odds by making a major decorating comeback in the last several years. Now, its trimmed down cousin, the wallpaper border, might be about to do the same. Not convinced? Just remember that no one thought wallpaper was coming back, until suddenly it was everywhere (and with modern textures, patterns, and applications, no less).

With wallpaper borders on the verge of returning to mass popularity, a new wallpaper border collaboration between Lick, a paint and wallpaper company, and designer Kelly Hoppen is ahead of the trend. Available as of November 7, this collection (Lick’s first-ever line of wallpaper borders) is a gorgeous reimagining of what the modern wallpaper border could be.

“Our collaboration with Kelly Hoppen provides a modern, fun twist on wallpaper borders, which are seen by some as a more traditional design element,” says Tash Bradley, the head of interior design at Lick. “There are some who have wanted to use wallpaper in a space before but have found the process too daunting. These borders will provide a less intimidating way to experiment with wallpaper.”

Traditionally, wallpaper borders tend to be rather busy and print-heavy, with elaborate or playful designs that serve as an accent on otherwise uniformly painted walls. The Lick x Kelly Hoppen line is a fresh departure from that legacy. Instead, it’s a series of tidy geometric designs in earthy beiges, matte blacks, and creamy whites. The collection emphasizes neutrals and is intended to be adaptable and approachable, so anyone can incorporate them into their preexisting decor without a major design overhaul.

“Wallpaper borders are a design element that may be intimidating to some—we intentionally designed our wallpaper borders in neutral colors, so that they can be tailored to any space or aesthetic, and be used by both seasoned DIYers and aspiring decorators,” Bradley says.

Wallpaper borders by Lick and Kelly Hoppen


The collection consists of four pattern and color options—Dash 01, Dash 02, Weave 01, and Weave 02—plus a matching collection of full wallpapers. Both patterns are pretty minimalist: Dash is a series of scattered vertical lines on a contrasting background, while Weave is a little busier, with a spread-out crosshatch of vertical and horizontal lines. Both patterns are available in beige and white or black and white palettes, and while both feel modern, either would pair nicely with rooms of many different styles, either as a bold spot of contrast or a continuation of a color already in the room.

These strips of wallpaper (Lick’s collection is 15 centimeters, or a little less than 6 inches, wide) are typically installed at the top of the wall, just below any trim or flush with the ceiling, or halfway up a wall as a chair rail–style spot of contrast. The narrow size of the rolls means there’s no chance of these wall adornments overwhelming a space, so you can play around with them in spaces large and small—and starting small may actually be best.

“Whenever someone is nervous to introduce a trend or style they like permanently into their home, I encourage them to start small and try the trend in a space that may not be used as much, such as a powder room or hallway,” Bradley says.

Wallpaper borders by Lick and Kelly Hoppen


The beauty of this small-scale room upgrade is that you could try the borders in different spaces to find the perfect arrangement—and you can always remove wallpaper borders with much less time and effort than it would take to remove a fully papered wall.

The new wallpaper borders from Lick and Kelly Hoppen are available starting November 7 from Lick, priced at $55 per 10-meter roll of border.

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