Eco-Luxe Cleaning Brand L’Avant Collective Launches Its First Laundry Line

Equally beloved for its plant-based formula, high-end fragrance, and chic packaging, L’Avant Collective is now venturing into the world of laundry.

L'Avant Collective new laundry collection product line

L'Avant Collective

Laundry is a weekly, if not daily, chore we all have to do, and choosing the right detergent is a big part of the process. Most of us want something that effectively cleans our clothing but also smells good. This can also be quite a challenge if you live an eco-friendly lifestyle or are sensitive to the loads of powerful chemicals in some conventional detergents. Fortunately, plant- and mineral-based cleaning product company L’Avant Collective just launched a line of laundry products including detergent, dryer balls, and laundry oil to offer high-performing essentials with its signature plant-based formula.

If you’re unfamiliar with L’Avant Collective, this female-founded brand is an eco-luxe cleaning product line that was founded just two years ago. It is perhaps best known for its hand soap, dish soap, and multipurpose surface cleaner featuring its signature fresh linen fragrance. 

What L’Avant Collective’s Fresh Linen Smells Like

Fresh linen is unique in that it doesn’t smell like an artificial pile of laundry, or super flowery, like many eco-friendly products do. Instead, it smells like a five-star hotel: Think subtle, but super luxe.

And if scented laundry detergent isn’t your thing, you’re still invited to the L’Avant party. An unscented version of the laundry products is also available for those who prefer it due to allergies or sensitivities to fragrance.

The Story Behind L’Avant Collective’s New Laundry Collection

The founders of L’Avant Collective, Lindsay Droz and Kristi Lord, spent quite a while bringing the laundry line to market to make sure it wasn’t just another luxury option, but a detergent that worked effectively.

“From packaging functionality, design elements, material sustainability, and formulation, it took over two years to bring the 5x concentrated L'Avant Collective detergent to market,” explain the brand’s founders. “There was a massive void and need in the market for plant-based laundry detergents that actually worked. We leaned on our chemist to source the highest quality, plant-based ingredients to start formulating a detergent that would not only be safe and effective but also work as well as the conventional, market-leading detergents.”

The final formula was put through third-party tests against conventional detergents, where actually it outperformed them. So, if you’ve been hesitant to make an eco-friendly change, know you don’t have to compromise effectiveness.

L'Avant Collective new concentrated laundry detergent

L'Avant Collective

The Packaging

One element that sets L’Avant Collective apart from other options is its gorgeously designed packaging. Every product—in the laundry collection and beyond—has a very intentional and stylish aesthetic that adds to a kitchen or laundry room’s decor scheme instead of detracting from it.

The detergent bottle is also smartly designed. Because the formula is highly concentrated, the bottle is smaller: It doesn’t take up an entire shelf, and isn’t so large it’s uncomfortable to maneuver. A smaller bottle is also a better choice for the environment. The founders tell us, “We aspired to create an ergonomic, compact, design-forward bottle made out of post-consumer recycled plastic (PRC).”

The Finishing Touches

In addition to the detergent, L’Avant Collective’s new laundry collection also includes laundry oil and dryer balls. Dryer balls are a more eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets. Made from wool, these balls help your clothing dry faster by creating air pockets, which incidentally can also help reduce energy costs. The Fresh Linen–scented Laundry Oil was formulated to be added to the dryer balls during the last ten minutes of the drying cycle to give your clothing and linens an extra dose of fragrance and luxury.

L'Avant Collective’s Laundry Collection is available for purchase now from L’Avant’s website.

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