10 Storage-Smart Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

Take the chore out of laundry day with these creative shelving solutions.

laundry room in closet with wooden barn doors
Photo: Marty Baldwin

Whether you have a large laundry room with plenty of space for cabinetry and built-in shelves or you need to get creative by turning a small closet into a spot for your washer and dryer, there's no reason your laundry room can't be as beautiful as it is functional. In fact, the nicer it looks, the more likely you are to enjoy the chore of washing and folding clothes.

From floating shelves and classic cabinets to repurposed vintage furniture and open shelving, get inspiration from these pretty and practical laundry room shelves that elevate this utilitarian room. Our collection of favorite laundry room shelving ideas has something for every size and style of space.

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Install Simple Laundry Room Shelves

laundry room with shelf of baskets
Laurey Glenn

In this small laundry room, a shiplap wall provides a neutral backdrop to white base cabinets that provide plenty of hidden storage for supplies. A wood countertop adds warmth as well as a much-needed folding surface. A long floating shelf near the ceiling houses a collection of woven wicker baskets that give the space a rustic feel and hide seasonal items. A lower, easy-to-reach shelf holds frequently used laundry items such as detergent and wool drying balls.

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Combine Open and Closed Storage

laundry room with rods for drying clothes
Ryan Garvin

Gain inspiration for your laundry room shelving from this multipurpose space that utilizes four different styles of storage, including closed cabinets, storage baskets on open shelves, hanging racks, and an island that doubles as a folding surface. Prevent a monochromatic color scheme from falling flat by varying shades. Here, multiple shades of blue are featured on the wall paneling, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, storage baskets, and tile backsplash for a cohesive look.

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Add Adhesive Paper to Open Shelves

open shelves blue laundry room

Lisa Romerein

If you don't love the countertops or shelves in your laundry room but don't have the budget for a major renovation, give the space a quick and inexpensive update using contact paper! This self-adhesive paper is easy to apply and comes in a variety of colors and patterns, including this blue swirl design. It's a great way to update your laundry room shelves affordably and without the mess and hassle of painting, tiling, or wallpapering.

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Hang Floating Shelves

laundry room with shelves above washer and dryer
Brittany Ambridge

Floral print wallpaper gives this small laundry room a serene feel and creates a pretty backdrop for simple floating shelves. If you're working with limited square footage, think vertically. Hang simple floating shelves above your washer and dryer to create storage space without having to install cabinetry. Open shelves make laundry supplies easily accessible. Since everything is visible, use wicker storage baskets to contain like items.

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Customize Shelves

laundry room in closet with wooden barn doors
Marty Baldwin

A set of rustic wood barn doors add warmth and character to this laundry room closet and provide a way to conceal the working space when it's not in use. Custom floating shelves above the washer and dryer incorporate a hanging rail to hold clothes. A butcher-block countertop provides a work surface. Classic white subway tile creates a neutral backdrop that allows the wood features to stand out and provides a clean, crisp look.

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Install Upper Cabinets

black front-load washer dryer laundry nook baskets wallpaper
Edmund Barr

This small laundry closet makes the most of vertical space with two sets of upper cabinets. A laundry room shelf provides folding space and a surface for canisters of detergent. Below, the washer and dryer double as shelves that hold low-profile wicker baskets that introduce a textural element and provide extra storage space for towels and linens.

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Add Baskets to Laundry Room Shelves

open shelving with woven storage baskets
Adam Albright

Seafoam-blue cabinets and shelves pop against an all-white tile backsplash in this laundry room. Upper and base cabinets feature both drawers and closed shelving to hold cleaning supplies, extra towels, and detergent. Modern black cabinet hardware ties in with the black countertop that gives the space visual contrast and dimension. Open shelves painted the same color as the cabinets provide more storage with the addition of wicker baskets complete with chalkboard labels.

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Coordinate Countertops and Shelves

Hector Sanchez

Don't be afraid to hang floating shelves in front of a window if you're short on wall space. These wood shelves don't block natural light but utilize an otherwise hard-to-furnish space by taking advantage of every nook and cranny. A countertop made fro the same material creates a cohesive look. A slim rolling shelf tucked between the wall and the appliances stores cleaning supplies. Without wall space to hang artwork, the homeowner utilized floor tile to display a fun laundry-related message.

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Create a Laundry Storage Station

laundry storage bins

Cathy Kramer

Go the DIY route and create your own laundry room shelves, such as this station constructed from a desk and the top of a hutch. The base holds felt storage bins and two large rolling laundry baskets. The top portion has enough space for additional baskets and folded towels. The surface serves as a spot to fold or drop things and doubles as a display area.

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Maximize Built-In Laundry Room Shelves

laundry room with washer dryer curtain
Nathan Schroder

Older homes often feature traditional built-ins that can sometimes be tricky to work around. These glass-front cabinets painted in a blue-gray color, however, provide plenty of storage and add a vintage feel. A linen curtain hangs in front of the washer and dryer for a pretty way to hide the modern appliances.

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