This Ingenious Organization Hack Will Finally Make Use of the Wasted Vertical Space in Your Fridge

The adjustable drawer can make even the smallest refrigerators feel spacious.

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2-PACK LALASTAR Fridge Organizers


I often find myself getting sucked into TikTok accounts that showcase wildly efficient kitchen organization hacks and tools—here’s just something so satisfying about watching everything be perfectly positioned and appropriately grouped. And the one thing that really fascinates me? Watching people turn their once-disorderly refrigerators into streamlined, triumphant displays. 

You might not notice immediately, but if you seem to have a consistently cluttered fridge, look around for unused areas; chances are you'll find plenty of wasted vertical space taunting you. After all, modern refrigerators only come with so many drawers and shelves for storage. But Amazon shoppers have found a proven, affordable solution to get their refrigerators under control and maximize the wasted space under their shelves: The Lalastar Fridge Drawer.

The drawer is a nifty, adjustable bin that readily hooks onto your fridge's existing shelf to create more usable space underneath it, and a pack of two costs just $35. The kitchen organizer is made with BPA-free food-grade plastic, and it will fit shelves that measure in at 0.6 inches thick or less. They are 11.8 inches long, 7.4 inches wide, and 3 inches deep, and the rails can extend up to 16.9 inches to fit under deeper fridge shelves.

2-PACK LALASTAR Fridge Organizers


To buy: $35;

Whether you’re decluttering a messy fridge or making room for new groceries, these drawers are a budget-friendly kitchen organization hack that will transform your refrigerator and finally get things in order. Reviewers use the bins to hold everything from fruits and eggs to deli meats and small snack packs, so there’s no limit to what you can organize with them. 

One shopper called them an “excellent storage and organizational option” after they purchased them for their condo’s small fridge. They found the clear bins especially helpful for maximizing their fridge space “without losing sight” of their food. Another reviewer who had been skeptical of the fridge organizer felt they found the “perfect solution” to their food storage woes. They also added that they couldn’t tell much of a difference in the quality between Lalastar’s drawer compared to the ones that came with their fridge—and that it took less than 30 seconds to install.

If you’re ready to take the space in your fridge back, give the Lalastar Fridge Drawer a try. All that unused vertical space will finally be put to good use.

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