Our Favorite Kitchens with Black Cabinets

Take the leap to the dark side with these black kitchen cabinet ideas.

black kitchen cabinetry

Edmund Barr

While white kitchens remain classic, color is making a comeback in cooking spaces, and black cabinets are a popular way to create sophisticated contrast. “Dark kitchen cabinets have an understated elegance that exudes European sophistication," says Bob Bakes, head of design at Bakes & Kropp. "We're finding homeowners are becoming bolder and bolder in their design choices."

Like garments, black cabinets go with practically everything, complementing a wide variety of natural materials, metallic finishes, and kitchen color palettes. They also add depth and create a feeling of luxury while avoiding that stark feeling associated with many all-white kitchens. If you're ready to take the leap to the dark side, take a look at these kitchens with black cabinets to inspire your own space.

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Give Your Kitchen Contrast

black kitchen cabinetry

Edmund Barr

Painting cabinetry black is an easy way to give your space an upgrade without spending a ton on a full kitchen renovation. For a modern look that contrasts light surfaces, like this kitchen's stone countertops, add a coat of matte black paint to cabinets. “Matte finish is more forgiving as it does not show dirt and grease," says Susan Hayward, founder of Susan Hayward Interiors. Complete the look with polished brass fixtures for an upscale look akin to a fancy black-tie event.

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Go for Glossy

glossy black kitchen cabinets

Courtesy of Bakes & Kropp

While the upkeep of glossy black cabinets might be a little more than matte cabinets, the shiny finish creates a luxe look. Bakes says Black Satin Paint 9018 is a great choice for modern kitchens that need a little extra shine. "It allows light to bounce around the room while maintaining a highly sophisticated, sleek, and luxurious look.”

Gideon Mendelson, founder and creative director of Mendelson Group, also recommends Farrow and Ball's Railings No. 31 for a full-gloss look when it comes to black kitchen cabinets.

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Create an Intimate Atmosphere

black kitchen cabinetry

Brie Williams

The kitchen is a focal point in many homes, so you want it to be as comfortable as possible for your family and guests alike. Darker colors tend to absorb light making a space seem smaller. While that might not seem like a pro, if you have a large kitchen, adding black cabinetry will make the space more inviting for entertainment, cooking, or enjoying a meal.

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Pair with Stainless-Steel Appliances

black kitchen cabinetry

Edmund Barr

Stainless-steel appliances are the perfect pairing for black cabinets. They are durable and resistant to damage but also look timeless when surrounded with classic black Shaker-style cabinets. To balance a black-and-white color scheme, add warm surfaces and materials, such as the bamboo countertop and window treatments in this kitchen.

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Add Warm Metallic Hardware

black kitchen cabinetry

Werner Straube

For a traditional take on black kitchen cabinets, opt for cup drawer pulls in a warm metallic finish. Both brass and gold hardware complement black cabinets; just make sure the cabinet undertones also lean warm for a cohesive look. Continue the finish on a range hood, pot filler, or upper cabinet handles.

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Complement with Natural Materials

black kitchen cabinetry

Emily J Followill

This midcentury modern kitchen features natural materials that complement black base cabinets gilded with Art Deco knobs. The ceiling features preserved tongue-and-groove wood, and the open shelves are magnolia. Complete with potted plants and natural light from the skylights, this kitchen has a warm and cozy feel. The matte black cabinets pair well with organic materials for a casual look.

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Expand Beyond Black Cabinets

modern scandinavian cabin kitchen shiplap black white leather stools
Caroline Allison

Shades of black aren't just for your kitchen cabinets. Bring this bold color to other furnishings and fixtures in your kitchen, such as the range hood, floating shelves, or window and door frames. Practically anything paired with a crisp white wall will look great in a contrasting dark color.

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Try Two-Tone Cabinets

small modern kitchen with light wood and white cabinets
Lincoln Barbour

If you're not ready to commit to an entire kitchen of black cabinets, the two-tone look might be right for you. Keep upper cabinets light and airy with a white finish and utilize a dark shade of charcoal on base cabinetry to ground the look. You'll still get a sleek, sophisticated feel without requiring a major renovation.

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Make Colors Pop

black kitchen cabinetry

John Bessler

Incorporate bright or pastel colors to liven up a neutral kitchen with black cabinets. Here, the deep shade of black sets of warm finishes, like a butcher-block island surface and granite countertops. Cool stone floors and stainless-steel accents balance the look.

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Consider Glass-Front Cabinets

black kitchen cabinetry

Edmund Barr

Glass-front cabinet doors can help showcase your carefully curated dishware collection. And black cabinets give what's inside even more definition, especially if your tableware is bright white. For a pop of interest, wallpaper the back of your cabinet with a metallic pattern or pop of color.

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