KitchenAid’s Holiday 2022 Stand Mixer Is a Gorgeously Subtle Color Combo

The limited-edition Holiday 2022 Stand Mixer is the perfect expression of subtle holiday colors—and Jennifer Garner is already a fan.

KitchenAid Holiday 2022 Stand Mixer


While there’s never a bad time to have a KitchenAid stand mixer, these iconic kitchen tools are particularly helpful during the holiday season. Between baking endless batches of holiday cookies and practicing a little baking therapy to unwind between festive gatherings and entertaining obligations, that reliable mixer is endlessly useful (and always beautiful to look at). Plus, if you don’t already have your own stand mixer (or you need an upgrade), Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday gift-giving occasions are all perfect opportunities to buy or receive one.

As if the ties between this beloved stand mixer and the holiday season weren’t strong enough, KitchenAid is emphasizing this special connection with the launch of a brand new holiday stand mixer color combination. Released November 2, the KitchenAid Holiday 2022 Artisan Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer is a creamy white mixer with a warm fired clay ceramic bowl. The white mixer is inspired by the first snow, according to KitchenAid, and the light brown bowl has warm tones reminiscent of cinnamon, cloves, and gingerbread houses. When you remember that retro colors, including gingerbread, are trending for Christmas this year, this feels like the perfect seasonal color combo.

While this limited drop definitely has a wintry energy, that holiday-perfect feel isn’t so strong that you wouldn’t love having this tilt-head mixer on your counter all year long. The white base feels fresh and versatile: If you have a colorful kitchen, it could even serve as a welcome spot of visual contrast. The bowl, too, is certainly cinnamon-esque and subtly seasonal, but not so much so that you’ll feel the need to tuck it away with the rest of your holiday decor. (You can also always swap out your mixer bowl, if you want.)

KitchenAid Holiday 2022 Stand Mixer with Jennifer Garner


And we’re not the only fans: Jennifer Garner uses the limited-edition mixer in her November 2 episode of the Pretend Cooking Show to make mini pumpkin bread loaves. If you needed further proof that this color combo is a hit, this is it.

The announcement of KitchenAid’s Holiday 2022 Artisan Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer comes on the heels of the revamp of the Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, which was announced in October. The redesigned 7-quart Bowl-Lift mixer features more power, capacity, and control, with a new ½ speed setting intended for folding. With this new setting, you can add delicate ingredients such as blueberries or egg whites into the mix without fear of overmixing. The redesign also comes with a new double-sided, flex edge beater that comes into more contact with the sides of the bowl, so you have to stop and scrape the sides less often.

The KitchenAid Holiday 2022 Stand Mixer is available beginning November 2 from the KitchenAid website. The mixer is priced at $600 and available while supplies last. If you want to bring this subtle holiday color combo home or add to your KitchenAid color collection, act fast—new KitchenAid colors are known to sell out quickly.

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