Our Tuscan kitchen decorating ideas are guaranteed to give your home an old-world feel. We have all the inspiration you need, including kitchen layouts, fixtures, surfaces, and accents, to create a Tuscan-style kitchen.

June 08, 2015

Floors made of various-size terra-cotta bricks, laid in different patterns, combat wear and tear, and add the feel of sun-baked earth to contrast the woodwork. Use Tuscan kitchen tiles on the backsplash, too, for a focal point with always-been-there appeal.

Choose Weathered Wood

Cabinets that appear to have withstood the test time and still look beautiful and natural are a must for any Tuscan-theme kitchen. For a gorgeous weathered look, choose a wood species with the grain of burled wood and lots of earthy mottling. Subtle color shifts in the wood's hue almost anticipate the patina of time.

Discover Your Decorating Style

Go for Aged-Look Surfaces

Stone exudes an aged look, especially in distressed finishes. For the floor, we love the hues and grains of pavers, but prefer something a little more formal. Painted brick offers a smooth, earthy surface that plays against more rustic features. The rugged brick Tuscan kitchen backsplash complements the space.

Mix In Metals

For cabinet hardware, faucets, and ornate Tuscan light fixtures, opt for metals that take on a patina over time—known to the trade as living finishes. Although metals are usually protected against oxidizing with a sealer, these finishes (available in bronze, copper, pewter, and brass) are oil-rubbed or brushed, then left uncoated. The result, after time, is one of a kind: No two finishes will age precisely the same way. They change in color, tone, and glow.

Give Variations a Canvas

Even the most gradual changes are easy to perceive, thanks to one element that remains the same. Smooth walls painted in a natural white create a clean, consistent backdrop to view subtle variations in a room's evolving finishes. Start with the elements that give Tuscan style decor its long-lasting appeal. Use that decorating foundation to customize your kitchen for your family, lifestyle, and entertaining needs.

Simply Tuscan

A large island makes this spacious Tuscan kitchen layout a hot spot for entertaining. Plentiful countertop space provides room to spread out when cooking. Exposed ceiling beams, antique Tuscan kitchen lighting, and terra-cotta tiles lend the kitchen a graceful blush of age. Various shades of brown meld together for a warm, consistent look.

Tuscan Country

In this kitchen, an eclectic mix of finishes lends an aged look that exudes Tuscan charm. Perimeter cabinets wear a warm brown hue, while a light gray shade sets off an island. An impressive brick walls creates the look of a traditional hearth, and blue-and-white patterned tiles further the Tuscan elegance. A wrought-iron Tuscan style chandelier adds a final splash of vintage style to this country kitchen.

Tuscan Details

Tuscan kitchen decor encourages an exploration of textures. Here, the range hood features bold, heavy stonework to bring a strength and weight to the kitchen. Colorful painted tiles complement the stone, giving the backsplash a lighter touch. Details such as dangling wrought-iron pendant lights and exposed beams infuse the space with an appropriate Italian patina. Terra-cotta Tuscan kitchen flooring tile sweeps the space with old-world charm.


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