Kitchen Tour: A Classic Traditional Kitchen

Traditional details and a mix of old and new materials return this classic home to its historical roots.

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    A Door to the Past & Future

    This kitchen, dating to the 1800s, proves your home can have modern conveniences and still maintain a vintage feel. An open floor plan and easy accessibility blend with the fine materials and details of the original kitchen.

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    Splendid Soapstone

    Mariana soapstone, named for the region of Brazil where it is quarried, brings old-fashioned stability to the furniture-style island's top and to counters around the main sink and range. Regular applications of mineral oil maintain the stone's dark color and sheen.

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    Vogue Ventilation

    A contemporary range shares the cooking stage with a traditional hood that features scrolled brackets and a mantel. The backsplash includes handmade Arts and Crafts tiles from the homeowners' collection. The color scheme complements the home's character while providing a fresh, inviting look.

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    Winsome Tin

    A tin ceiling, common in homes a century ago, crowns the room with period elegance. Though tin ceilings typically retain their metal color, this one was painted a creamy hue for a soft look that brings out the elaborate embossed patterns.

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    Marvelous Marble Countertops

    Colombo Gold marble spices up a food-prep area with peppy colors and pepper-like flecks that contrast with the more staid soapstone.

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    Advantageous Vantage Points

    By removing a low false ceiling, taking out a built-in breakfast area, and converting an upper-level closet into an open balcony, renovators made this kitchen feel more spacious.

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    Window Work

    Expanded windows above the main sink supply the kitchen with natural light while conveying Arts and Crafts character via muntins and moldings. Daylight accents stainless-steel appliances, oak cabinetry, crackle-finish subway tile, soapstone counters, and a butcher-block slab on the island.

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    Clutter Control

    No need for clutter with this bevy of built-in storage options, including an appliance garage by the main sink, glass-door upper cabinets for dishware, an open shelf near the range for cookbooks, counter-level drawers, and an undercounter wine cooler.

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    In-Sync Sink

    The apron-front main sink features a deep and wide soapstone basin paired with a bridge faucet.

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    Classy Cabinetry

    Classic oak cabinetry, made from quartersawn wood and finished in golden brown, lends a feeling of warmth, richness, and permanence. The finish lets the wood's natural grain variations stand out, giving each door and drawer a unique look. Old-style knobs and pulls complete the suggestion that this cabinetry could be original to an 1800s home.

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