Modern Galley Kitchen Makeover

Breakfast pantry
An open floor plan and streamlined storage transformed this once-outdated galley kitchen into a modern space filled with style and function.

Room for More

Clean, modern lines and a neutral color palette merge to create a timeless look in this updated galley kitchen. During the remodel, a wall separating the kitchen and dining area was removed, taking a breakfast nook along with it. But the addition of a peninsula ensures no seating is lost.

Double Duty

One of the most important items on the homeowners' list of makeover must-haves was more counter space. To fill that request, the design moved the cabinets higher up the wall and extended the quartz-surfacing countertops underneath them, wrapping around the space to form a U-shape work zone. With chairs placed on both sides of the peninsula, the area quickly transforms from work space to dining nook.

A Delicate Balance

As with any small-space makeover, attention to balance, detail, and proportion gives this room its streamlined form. To keep the kitchen from looking heavy, dark-stained wood was limited to the lower cabinets, while lighter colors and materials were used on the upper cabinets. Stainless-steel toe-kicks, fixtures, hardware, and appliances create design continuity throughout the kitchen.

Light the Way

Track lighting adds a splash of personality to the simple kitchen. Because the space was designed to accommodate multiple work zones, the lights can be repositioned and manipulated to highlight specific areas to make food prep and staging a snap.

Savvy Storage

Creative storage solutions make the most of the kitchen's small size. Here, a corner storage unit maximizes often-unusable space and creates a convenient spot to stow away large pots, pans, and other cooking essentials. An automatic light inside the cabinet makes items easy to find.

Simply Sleek

Cabinets with frosted-glass doors obscure the contents but keep often-used items within reach of the prep sink and eating area. Pulls were deliberately excluded from the upper cabinetry to keep the streamlined look uncluttered and modern.

Go with the Flow

Thoughtful traffic flow and convenient work triangles are essential to this small kitchen's functionality. The pro-style range was strategically placed so the oven door can be opened without interrupting traffic flow. Large cabinets flanking the range and a small ventilation hood allow for handy storage near the work zone.


Drawers flank the professional-style range and conceal dishware as well as recyclables and trash. The built-in recycling center keeps an easy sorting system within reach at all times -- and recyclables out of sight.

Easy Access

Large drawers and pullout shelves maximize storage throughout the small kitchen. Storing dishes in lower cabinets near the range prevents lifting them overhead and eases unloading the dishwasher. Pullout shelves ensure the homeowners will always have easy access to the dishes they need.

Filling Up

A deep undermount sink and a gooseneck faucet make filling large pots easy. Their sleek stainless-steel finish contributes to a clean and cohesive look throughout the kitchen with other stainless-steel elements, such as toe-kicks, cabinet hardware, and appliances.

A Place for Everything

Simple organizational accessories, such as drawer dividers, maximize the kitchen's limited storage spaces. This divider corrals silverware, cooking utensils, and hand towels close to the range.

Concealed Storage

For more storage, the wall opposite the range was transformed into a pseudo butler's pantry, complete with a refrigerator, a second oven, and a hidden breakfast station. Tall cabinets flank the oven and breakfast nook, providing pantrylike storage for foods as well as cooking and baking supplies.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Concealed behind a stainless-steel tambour door, this nook serves as a handy one-stop breakfast station. Being able to close off the area reduces visual clutter and allows the homeowners to keep their small appliances accessible but out of the way of the kitchen's main work space.

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