10 Minimalist Kitchen Designs to Inspire You to Simplify

modern gray and white farmhouse kitchen
Photo: John Granen

Minimalist kitchens embrace simplicity and modern style. Distinguished by clean lines and sleek surfaces, these pared-down designs can still pack in plenty of personality. Apply these minimalist kitchen ideas for a stylish and functional cooking space.

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Modern Minimalist Kitchen

white open shelving kitchen
Brie Williams

In the kitchen, minimalism results in clean, organized spaces that are highly functional and stripped-down in detail. These simplified designs often include hidden storage, clutter-free countertops, and bright, neutral color schemes. Many also rely heavily on modern design elements, including waterfall islands and lacquered flat-front cabinetry.

Although they emphasize simplicity and function, modern minimalist kitchens can also showcase unique style and personality through pops of color, unique stone surfaces, wood accents, aged metal finishes, and more.

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Streamlined Kitchen Design

minimalist european-stye kitchen cabinetry
Laura Moss

Clean lines are fundamental to a minimalist kitchen design. Opt for flat-front cabinetry (also called slab doors) instead of Shaker-style cabinets and other paneled designs to create a smooth, sleek surface. For hardware, modern bar pulls help reinforce the streamlined look. Opt for a range hood and backsplash designs emphasizing straight lines and simple shapes.

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Warm Up a Sleek Space

all white kitchen with antique touches
Emily S. Minton-Redfield

Minimalist kitchens don't have to be stark and characterless. Warm up a clean, modern design with wood accents or brass finishes. Incorporate vintage art or fresh flowers to juxtapose the sleek surfaces with some texture and color.

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Colorful Kitchen

modern gray and white farmhouse kitchen
John Granen

White is perhaps the most classic color choice for minimalist kitchens, but bolder hues can also pair beautifully with modern designs. The key is to limit the palette to one saturated color and incorporate neutrals or wood tones for balance. Muted shades of blue or green are perfect for adding a bit of personality to a minimalist kitchen.

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Hide Kitchen Appliances

modern kitchen with gold accents
Kim Cornelison

Integrated appliances are a highly effective minimalist kitchen idea. Hide your fridge behind paneled doors or tuck the microwave within lower cabinetry to instantly give your kitchen a more streamlined look. Disguising these hardworking appliances creates an unbroken stretch of cabinetry and limits visual distraction.

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Open Shelving Display

open wooden shelving in kitchen
Edmund Barr

Open shelves are a beautiful complement to minimalist kitchen designs. This simplified storage solution can reinforce your kitchen's relaxed, airy feeling. When styling open shelves, limit the number of items and stick to a similar color palette as the rest of the room to maintain an uncluttered look. Displaying all-white dishware, for example, creates a sleek effect.

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Understated Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

blue tiled kitchen
Edmund Barr

Backsplashes with intricate tile shapes and patterns aren't typically the best fit for minimalist kitchen designs. Instead, opt for solid-colored glass or ceramic tiles to create a stylish backsplash that's easy to clean. Or install a stone slab backsplash to deliver natural texture and subtle pattern.

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Uncomplicated Kitchen Lighting

white kitchen island
Edmund Barr

Minimalist kitchens demand light fixtures that are similarly streamlined in appearance. Choose pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and ceiling-mount fixtures with sleek silhouettes and elegant, uncomplicated designs. For task lighting, recessed can fixtures also make a good choice because they blend in seamlessly with the ceiling.

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Metallic Details

stainless steel white kitchen wood flooring
Lauren Rubinstein

Cool, metallic finishes like stainless steel and chrome are a natural minimalist kitchen idea. Choose polished metals for appliances, fixtures, hardware, island seating, and other kitchen details. Layer these finishes against a background of white or gray to make them really shine.

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Small and Cool

kitchen with white subway tile white cabinets black fixtures
Edmund Barr

Minimalist kitchens typically have an open, uncluttered aesthetic, which can be difficult to achieve in a tight space. To simplify your small kitchen, opt for open shelving instead of upper cabinetry where possible for a visually lighter look. Opt for a neutral color scheme, and choose unornamented styles for cabinet hardware and backsplash tile. In this small minimalist kitchen, white subway tiles are stacked in straight rows, as opposed to a typical running bond arrangement, to create a more modern feel.

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