Create a modern kitchen with clean lines and minimalist decor. The look isn't cold; it's simple and beautiful with plenty of function and storage. See how to create your own contemporary design with our modern kitchen decorating ideas.
White kitchen with purple bar stools

Modern kitchen design doesn't have to mean basic. With so many options for cabinet hardware, backsplash tile, lighting, and flooring, you can design a modern kitchen with functional elements that also add to the overall style of the room. Experiment with natural textures and pops of color to make an inviting and interesting modern kitchen. Test out some of our modern kitchen design ideas, below, to get the look in your own home.

Espresso Cabinets

modern high-contrast kitchen

Dark cabinets are popular in modern kitchen designs. Espresso stain and opaque paint give dark cabinets rich color, warming up the cold fittings and fixtures often found in modern kitchens while still looking sleek and contemporary.

Stainless Steel

modern white kitchen with yellow accent

Clean and cool stainless steel screams modern. It's also a great surface for the kitchen, where it is necessary to wipe down surfaces and clean up food messes often. Stainless-steel appliances, faucets, hardware, range hoods, and even modern kitchen sinks give a streamlined look. Because so many types of products are available in a stainless-steel finish, it's even easy to incorporate the material into a small modern kitchen design.

Blonde Wood

kitchen, floating shelves, high ceilings

Blonde wood, especially when paired with stainless steel, gives off an industrial vibe in modern kitchen designs. Cabinets, floors, islands, or even butcher-block countertops can bring in the warmth of light wood. Balance the light modern kitchen cabinets with darker elements throughout the design. In this modern kitchen, dark tile floors ground a lofty paneled ceiling and light wood cabinetry for contemporary appeal.

Marble Counters

black farmhouse sink in white kitchen

White marble countertops are trendy yet timeless. Marble often features swirls of gray within the natural pattern, which pairs well with contemporary stainless elements. Marble surfaces are porous, so wipe up spills immediately to prevent stains and never chop food directly on the countertop.

Colorful Cabinets

Small Kitchen

Another popular modern design trend is painting cabinets with a vibrant paint color. The rest of the kitchen design is often neutral to keep from overwhelming the space. Burnt orange, emerald green, navy blue, and teal are fun colors to use that still look modern when paired with sleek hardware and work surfaces. This is an easy element to try in modern kitchen layouts.

Geometric Fixtures

white and espresso kitchen

Light fixtures, whether a large chandelier or multiple pendants over an island, can instantly add modern style to a kitchen. Those with geometric shapes and clean lines are especially popular. Light fixtures with round elements are a great way to break up the streamlined, square edges of modern kitchen design and add softness. Modern kitchen furniture like retro chairs and round tables can also soften the design.

Subway Tile

white kitchen

White subway tile works for many different kitchen styles due to its accessibility. The crisp lines and shiny surface of subway tile go well with the streamlined look of modern kitchen decor. To give this basic white tile a bit more flair, try extending the backsplash to the ceiling for large-scale impact or use dark grout to make it pop. All-white walls make a space look more open, making it the perfect option for modern small kitchen designs.

Open Shelving

kitchen with citrine accents and natural elements

Open shelving serves as a space for both storage and decor. Stainless-steel or neutral shelves allow dishes and accessories to stand out in a modern kitchen. Converting cabinets to open shelving eliminates the heft of cabinet doors and opens up a kitchen, especially in galley-style kitchens found in older homes and apartments.

Artful Mosaics

kitchen with multi-tonal cabinetry

Colorful mosaic tiles keep the clean lines of modern style but add shimmer and color for warmth and customization. Whether you choose a design that features one color or multiple, mosaic tiles are an easy way to tie elements of color (like rugs, chairs, and towels) into a neutral modern kitchen design.


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