Gone are the days where every kitchen finish has to match. These stylish touches mix metals to create chic combinations—like copper and silver, nickel and bronze, and chrome and gold. Our dazzling ideas will inspire you to mix metals in your own kitchen.

By Katie Bandurski
October 02, 2017
white kitchen, mixed metals, farmhouse sink

Simple kitchen color schemes make it easier to mix metals. When you only have a few neutral colors, there's less of a chance that one light fixture or piece of hardware will overwhelm the space. This kitchen, for example, sticks to the basics. White cabinets, a classic marble countertop, and basic silver fixtures create a clean space. Copper pendant lights add interest to the room and keep it from looking too sterile. 

Silver + Gold


Everyone wishes for silver and gold, so why not combine the rich finishes in one stunning design? This kitchen incorporates silver appliances and cookware with gold details. Cabinet door knobs and pulls are dressed in an antique gold finish, while the range hood is trimmed with shiny details. Furniture-look wood cabinets and an ornate wallpaper complete the luxurious look.

Bronze + Copper

Dining room beverage center

Mixing metals doesn't have to be dramatic. Choosing two similar—but not identical—finishes is an easy way to baby-step into the trend. Something as simple as a two-tone sink can add style. In this kitchen, warm copper coats the inside bowl of the sink, while oil-rubbed bronze finishes the faucet and cabinet drawer pulls. The contrast is sleek and subtle, but still noticeable.

Chrome + Pewter + Iron

Kitchen, windows, wooden cabinets

If you'd like to mix more than two metals, do so sparingly and with purpose. Stick to finishes all within a similar color family—like this trio of chrome, iron, and pewter—and consider picking a dominant metal, with the others as accents. This kitchen casts pewter drawer pulls in the lead role, while a polished chrome sink and wrought-iron sconces support.

Nickel + Bronze

herringbone kitchen backsplash, blue-gray, metal, white cabinetry, countertop, cottage, glass mosaic, subway tile, quartz, hood, range, oven, kitchen

One of the easiest ways to mix metals is to pick a finished product and use it as inspiration for the rest of the space. This range hood effortlessly combines nickel and bronze. All you need to do is install it, then match other metals—like the faucet and drawer pulls—to the hood.

Chrome + Gold

kitchen, mixed metals, white bar stool chairs

Chrome is silver's shinier cousin—and it's the perfect finish for a modern space. This on-trend kitchen uses gold detailing on the tile and light fixture to add instant glam. The chrome features, while a little more functional, are still playful and fun. Exaggerated table legs support the island, and extra-long drawer pulls add sleek lines to the cabinetry.

Copper + Iron

mixed metals, copper, kitchen

This combination is a classic. Reminiscent of Tuscan style, copper and metal finishes work together to add interest to a neutral kitchen. The copper range hood is the clear scene-stealer. But the black-on-white look of iron drawer pulls and neutral cabinets adds to the drama. A rustic wood beam traveling the length of the ceiling softens the space and keeps the iron from being too stark.

Rose Gold + Silver

white kitchen, mixed metals, kitchen

It's almost impossible to find all of your fixtures in the same finish—especially when you're working with a trendy material. This kitchen features rose gold for hardware, range knobs, and cabinet hinges, but switches to classic silver for the kitchen sink and the range itself. The sink's sleek style prevents the rose gold from overwhelming the space.


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