Industrial Meets Rustic in This Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen

Personalized touches blend with utilitarian design to make this kitchen anything but conventional. Inspired by French-industrial design, the space features a luxe lived-in look and smart fixtures ideal for entertaining.

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Balancing Act

Industrial Kitchen

A mix of materials—weathered wood, aged metals, and smooth stone—gives this new kitchen a built-over-time appearance. Rich walnut cabinetry tempers the cool tones of gray, brick-look tile and white marble countertops.

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Rise and Shine

Industrial Kitchen

A sliver of recessed wall space is home to a coffee station that's plumbed for an espresso machine. Shelving above stores mugs; an undercounter refrigerator keeps wine, beer, and soft drinks at the ready.

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Vintage Blend

Industrial Kitchen

Thoughtful finishing touches, including vintage-look swing-arm sconces, antique pulls, and an elegant high-arcing faucet, contribute a rustic-refined aura. The eclectic mix of accessories keeps the industrial look from feeling too trendy.

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Gathering Spot

Industrial Kitchen

Exposed ceiling beams heighten the kitchen's loft-like appeal At the heart of it, a hardworking chef's table with a reclaimed-wood top, storage-packed base, and electrical outlets stands ready to serve. Modeled after those in restaurants, the island allows homeowners to prep, serve, and eat all at the same space.

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Bright Idea

Industrial Kitchen

The glass housings for these light fixtures—blown by the homeowner—collected dust until turned into pretty pendants that now illuminate the island.

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Twist on Tradition

Industrial Kitchen

Classic kitchen elements get a new look in the industrial cook space. An elegant tile backsplash feels fresh with a cool gray palette. Rich wood floors and traditional cabinetry warm up modern steely finishes, like a restaurant-style range complete with an oversize hood.

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One-of-a-Kind Backsplashes

See how pretty materials and unique installations can bring a fresh face to your kitchen.

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Mixed Finishes

Industrial Kitchen

Homeowners skipped upper cabinets in favor of one long custom shelf. The steel storage unit holds cookware close to the pro-style range. Copper pots and pans add warm reflective shine to the space.

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Clear View

Industrial Kitchen

A soaring ceiling, doorless pantry, and open layout keep the kitchen airy and ideal for entertaining. Deep drawers in the chef's table put dishware and frequently used serving pieces in easy reach. The table is just steps from the pantry, where most other dining and entertaining essentials are kept.

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Dedicated Details

Industrial Kitchen

Antique hardware from a printing press in Vermont lends a high style to cabinetry. A pop of deep blue paint coats the island for a pop of color among a sea of monochromatic finishes.

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Storage Central

Industrial Kitchen

Open shelves in the pantry keep ingredients within reach; clear containers make it easy to determine contents. Salvaged windows wrap around the storage space, allowing plenty of light to stream in while keeping food items out of sight in the kitchen.

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Through the Wire

Industrial Kitchen

More than just a drop zone, the walk-in pantry is a charming, light-filled space thanks to its large windows. Made of salvaged glass, the windows feature thick black trim for definition and chicken-wire inserts for texture.

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Shelf Help

Industrial Kitchen

The refrigerator, small appliances, and a storage cabinet for dog food hold court on one side of the pantry. Adjustable shelves on the other side hold dry goods to take the pressure off the kitchen cabinets.

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