Kitchen Storage Tour: Updated Kitchen with High Style and Function

Tour a storage-rich kitchen and learn ways to keep your kitchen organized.

The Ultimate Kitchen

When style trumps substance, especially in the kitchen, problems with function seem to magnify with time. The original design of this kitchen was simply too small, with an undersize sink, inadequate countertops, and meager and unimaginative storage. An extensive redesign of the kitchen and adjacent spaces added a substantial butler's pantry, a beverage center, and a breakfast area. Extending to the top of the 10-foot ceiling, richly stained cabinets incorporate dozens of specialty storage features.

Now the kitchen is a marriage of style and substance, with adequate storage and work areas and beautiful finishes and decor. Function, beauty, and style -- few cooks would ask for more.

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Beverage Center

The built-in refrigerator blends with the richly stained cabinets and is just a step away from the prep area; the adjacent counter functions as a serving station. The area doubles as a bar, with a wine cooler, icemaker, and stemware storage all in one place.

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Efficient Island

Custom cubbies tailored to the size of the homeowner's cookware may mean additional initial cost, but having a specific place for each major kitchen item saves time and minimizes clutter and confusion.

The new island was designed to look like a piece of vintage furniture. Six inches lower than the other countertops to accommodate children, it serves as the primary prep area. Visually, the large piece creates even more impact, separating the kitchen from the living area while still allowing openness.

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Custom-Fit Storage

Deep pullout drawers flank the range and ensure that the right cookware is within arm's reach. The drawers also prevent pots and pans from becoming lost at the back of a cabinet.

TIP: When planning your kitchen, consider what kind of storage you'll need. Devise a tailor-made storage plan that accounts for all your small appliances, cookware, and kitchen accessories.

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Using Corner Space Efficiently

A two-tier undercounter pullout uses formerly wasted corner space for storage. The cabinet houses food processors and coffee carafes that might have been banished to the pantry. The pullout gives these items a designated space and helps cooks know exactly where to find what they're looking for.

From Storage&#8482 magazine.

Dish Duty Made Easy

Drawer dividers keep the designated area for flatware and other utensils neat and tidy. As another time-saving design idea, the drawers are located near the dishwasher. This peninsula contains a dishwasher, dishwasher drawers, and a generous farmhouse sink.

The bar side of the peninsula is raised 8 inches to subtly divide the kitchen and adjoining breakfast area, while still keeping an open feel.

From Storage&#8482 magazine.

Cooking Area with Smart Storage

A functional upper cabinet near the range displays dozens of canisters. The stepped shelves keep canisters visible and the cabinet compact. Utensil holders on the counter next to the range keep whisks, spatulas, and spoons close at hand. The tile backsplash complements the creamy color of the island base cabinets.

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Plenty of Pantry

Steps away from the kitchen, the butler's pantry is a marvel of well-planned, customized storage. Base cabinets conceal containers and supplies as well as amenities such as a bread drawer.

Like the kitchen, the pantry boasts style. The pantry cabinetry is the same type as the kitchen island, creating continuity between the two spaces. A glass-and-metal light fixture complements the traditional decor. The pantry is flooded with light that shines through a large window.

From Storage&#8482 magazine.

Keeping Fresh Bread on Hand

An old-fashioned bread drawer, inspired by the homeowner's grandmother's kitchen, is another custom feature in the pantry. The large drawer has enough space to store several loaves of bread. The ventilated lid keeps bread fresh.

From Storage&#8482 magazine.

Storage from Floor to Ceiling

Open, adjustable pantry shelves, which stretch to the ceiling, give a clear view of what's in the larder. The pantry storage keeps clutter out of the kitchen and the u-shape counter adds extra work space.

From Storage&#8482 magazine.

Functional Kitchen Zones

A savvy floor plan organizes this kitchen into functional areas.

Cook. Slatted inserts in cabinets next to the oven hold cookie sheets and cutting boards, while self-closing drawers by the range keep the area clear and safe.

Drink. Guests can access the refrigerator, icemaker, and wine cooler without hampering the cook. Glass-front upper cabinets showcase stemware.

Prep. The island is topped with hardwood for chopping and is outfitted with a vegetable sink. It is also the central prep area in the kitchen.

Eat. The bar side of the peninsula is elevated 8 inches to subtly divide the kitchen from the breakfast area and to hide barstools when not in use.

Store. Base cabinets conceal storage containers and kitchen supplies, while four rows of open shelves above keep foodstuffs within easy reach.

From Storage&#8482 magazine.

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