Graceful lines, intricate woodwork, and rich fabrics are characteristic of classic French design. Fused with country details, country French style creates a space that is elegant yet homey, and rustic yet refined. Explore these design ideas to combine French and country styles in your kitchen.

Incorporating furniture-style cabinetry makes the kitchen feel more like a gathering space and can make a space feel more intimate, too. Intricate armoire-style panels on the built-in refrigerator's doors add a custom touch. The island, made from knotty alder wood, takes on the look of an antique with a hammered top and classic table-style legs.

Old-Look Surfaces

"The builder of the cabinets actually chiseled out pieces of the wood to make them look aged," builder Brian Thompson says. The dark patina of the cabinet hardware reinforces the vintage feel, while hand-beveled planks of hickory create a wavy, time-warped effect on the floor. The rustic finishes add a sense of intimacy. "When people step into the home, they don't get the sense that it's 7,000 square feet, and that's the intention," architectural designer Robert Dame says.

Soft Color Palette

Soft sage on the cabinets and a creamy yellow hue on the walls create old-world warmth and coziness. Muted grays and khakis complement the serene palette. Floral fabrics and delicate chicken wire in accent-door inserts play up the country French theme. The fabric repeats as the window treatment hanging on a simple oil-rubbed-bronze rod above the sink area.

Mix of Materials

Copper, stainless steel, slate, and aged wood add a layered look, similar to an authentic European kitchen. The combination of materials has the aura of pieces added over time. "It's a look of many different things, and that's reminiscent of French country," interior decorator Kevin Spearman says. The large crisp white farmhouse sink and ornate backsplash tiles are suggestive of a French countryside cottage.

Airy & Elegant

Country French style embraces the past and layers in centuries of different styles. Open shelves, chicken wire inserts in the island cabinet doors, and brick walls give the kitchen an unfitted French farmhouse feel. Gold-finish light fixtures introduce a layer of elegance, as do simple white perimeter cabinets.

Country Appeal

To create a rustic country French look, embrace natural and aged finishes. Look for ways to add antiqued details, such as primitive vessels and French signage in elegant typefaces. The cabinets in this kitchen are made from reclaimed wood, and their unfinished, knotty look lays the foundation for the rest of the space's country look. A hand-painted furniture-style island also imbues the space with the illusion of age.

In the Details

Introduce country French to your kitchen with c'est magnifique details and a crisp color scheme. In this kitchen, steel hardware inspired by French designs crowns cabinets with classic Gustavian detailing. Charming dormers and arched Gothic windows draw the eye up to the beamed cathedral ceiling. To easily achieve a country French look, consider a blue-and-white color scheme and change out small things, such as hardware or light fixtures, for items that have a definitively French look.

The Must-Have Elements of Country Style

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