Kitchen Tour: Country French Kitchen

Shades of vanilla and warm woods bring old European style to this new kitchen.

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    Country French Comfort

    A light color scheme and an earthy mix of materials help this kitchen reflect a country French style.

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    Spiced Island

    A kitchen designer devised a layout that flows around a furniture-style island. The island offers an unfitted contrast to perimeter cabinetry, as if added later to an older space.

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    Cornered Cold Storage

    To make efficient use of space, the 48-inch-wide built-in refrigerator/freezer sits along an angled wall and blends with adjacent cabinets. With its proximity to the main sink and island, the refrigerator is equally accessible to chefs and guests, who can help themselves to snacks and beverages without entering the cooking zone.

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    Plausibly Plaster Walls

    The walls suggest the color and texture of old-world plaster or stucco, but they are actually sections of drywall given a decorative finish with paint and glaze.

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    Inviting Illumination

    Natural light enhances the finish of a vintage-style faucet and the sheen of granite countertops. Mixing colors and textures is an effective way to add interest.

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    Tone-on-Tone Tile and Stone

    Different kinds of tile and stone in similar colors create visual variety within a cohesive look. To complement golden granite countertops, tumbled-marble tiles were chosen for the cooktop backsplash.

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    Good-Looking Cooking Wall

    Don't be fooled by this kitchen's old-world ambience: The appliance power is strictly professional-grade. One wall offers two ovens and a microwave in a convenient cluster just steps from the cooktop. Opposite the cooktop, the island features a warming drawer.

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    Delectable Collectibles

    To the left of the ovens, a section of built-in cabinetry looks and functions like a freestanding hutch, giving a prominent place to display pieces of china.

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    Cabinetry Character

    The creamy painted-wood cabinetry wears a distressed and glazed finish that suggests age, as well as dressy hardware you'd expect on antique furniture. Glass doors and beaded edges add to the old-fashioned feel, while counter-level drawers offer bonus storage.

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    Desk Help

    Tucked into a corner near the pantry and laundry room, a built-in desk creates a household command center. The desk makes use of the same cabinetry, countertop material, and backsplash tile as the rest of the kitchen, helping modern office needs coexist with old-world style.

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