Capture the warm and inviting cottage look with these ideas for sweet and sophisticated cottage kitchens. These photos of cottage kitchens and kitchen remodeling stories provide plenty of inspiration and information to help you achieve this simple yet pretty look in your own space. Splashes of blue, green, or yellow; floral fabrics; simple beaded board; and vintage accessories all look right at home in a cottage kitchen. White is another popular color for cottage kitchens, whether it's on the cabinets, countertops, or backsplash. Timeworn or distressed finishes are also hallmarks of a cottage kitchen. Browse our favorite cottage kitchen makeovers and see ways to personalize the beloved style, whether it be through vintage details, ornamentation borrowed from the traditional aesthetic, rustic characteristics reminiscent of a country farmhouse, or sparkly details that add a layer of glam. If you are planning a complete kitchen remodel or are looking for new kitchen decorating ideas, start with our inspiring photos, DIY projects, and helpful planning tips to help you create a kitchen you'll love.