Pretty Printable Labels to Organize Your Pantry

Create a beautifully organized pantry with our round-up of free printable pantry labels—plus a few tips for making the most of your pantry space.

Pantry Organizing Labels

These beautiful, hand-lettered labels by The Creative Exchange and Zuer Designs make any pantry look great. With more than 45 hand-lettered printable labels for free download here, you can make everything in your pantry organized. For this set of labels, use clear full-size sheets of sticker/label paper and print. Cut around lettering to fit your storage container.

2. Dictionary Labels

Pantry Organizing Labels

If you don't have a dedicated pantry space, consider using a bookshelf or a side table in your kitchen. Kristine from The Painted Hive offers these beautiful, classic dictionary labels she uses on crock-style jars for open pantry storage. Kristine has 17 labels in the free set that she offers on her blog here, along with a detailed tutorial for printing.

3. Editable Labels

Pantry Organizing Labels

With editable labels, you can customize predesigned printables with your own text. Lia Griffith created this beautiful set of farmhouse pantry labels for World Label. You can use the lovely set she created or personalize them to fit your own pantry items. Download both sets of labels for free here.

4. Subpantry Labels

Pantry Organizing Labels

Get creative while organizing your pantry by creating subpantries, like a baking cabinet, spice drawer, or even a coffee cabinet. You can make mornings a little easier by corralling all your coffee supplies in one pretty and functional spot—and make more space in your pantry, too! Use free printable labels like these hand-lettered ones from The Creativity Exchange and Zuer Designs (available for download here) to label jars, plastic bins, tin canisters, or whatever you'd like.

5. Customized Labels

Pantry Organizing Labels

The great thing about labels is that you can stick them to almost anything (glass, plastic, tin, etc.), so you can create customized storage solutions to fit the needs of your pantry and the ingredients that you want to store. Colleen from the blog Lemon Thistle created this classic set of printable pantry labels for World Label that can be used on any type of storage canisters or the tops of mason jars. There are more than 60 pantry labels to choose from, and the beautiful set also includes blank labels for writing your own text. Download these labels here.

More Way to Organize Your Pantry

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