These Pantries Will Make a Type A's Day

Dreaming of a beautifully organized kitchen pantry? We've found lots of inspirational ideas and organizational tips for creating your dream pantry, large or small.

Walk-In Pantry Storage

In a perfect world, every home would come with a large walk-in kitchen pantry with tons of storage space. If you're fortunate to have a large walk-in pantry, maximizing your available shelving and creating separate dedicated storage areas for dry goods, grab-and-go snacks, cookbooks, and serving pieces is the best way to make the most of your pantry.

Clear, air-tight storage containers extend the shelf life of dried goods while helping to keep items uniform, organized, and easy to find at a glance.

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Open Shelving Solution

Even if you don't have a large walk-in pantry, you can get the same look by using any open shelving you have in your kitchen. Whether you have existing built-in shelving or can incorporate a large bookshelf along an available wall, you can dress up the space you have with large, pretty wicker baskets to store pantry items.

Wire bins on shelves are a great way to store canned goods, and wood chalkboard tags make a fun and efficient way to label baskets for quick identification.

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Dual-Purpose Pantry

If you don't have an area in the kitchen to create pantry storage, consider the possibility of carving out pantry space by creating a dual-purpose pantry with another storage area near your kitchen. For instance, do you have a closet, mudroom, or laundry room near your kitchen? Add more shelving to convert it into a dual-purpose pantry.

Creative Cabinets

Another small-space solution is to transform existing cabinet storage into a well-organized pantry by adding pullout drawers. Most big-box home improvement stores like Lowe's and The Home Depot now offer pullout shelving for cabinets and custom pantry storage accessories that makes it easy to convert a cabinet into a built-in pantry.

Freestanding Pantry Cabinet

To make up for a lack of pantry space, consider adding a freestanding cabinet such as an armoire or even a media cabinet to your kitchen for more storage. Such cabinets can easily be painted to match your existing kitchen colors, and if you move, your free-standing pantry can move with you!

Specialized Pantry Storage

Making a space to store specialized pantry items in your cabinets is a great way to free up space in your existing pantry. For instance, if you do a lot of baking, why not create a dedicated baking cabinet? By pulling the baking supplies out of your pantry storage, you not only make more room in your pantry for other items, but you also create a convenient, one-stop spot for all your baking supplies.

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Kitchen Storage Solutions

Use these seven ideas to create the most organized pantry with open shelving.

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  1. I could not afford fancy baskets to organize my walk in pantry, so I bought a bunch of plastic dish pans in various colors... soup, veggies, carbs, drinks (tea/coffee/crystal lt), etc.

    1. Great idea!

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