Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

Built-in, butler's, walk-in, freestanding, or a combination—storage is never in short supply when a well-designed kitchen pantry is just steps away. A pantry optimizes your kitchen layout by consolidating everything in one handy location. Keep food items organized and on-hand with the perfect kitchen pantry design ideas for your home.

Quick and Cohesive

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry provides a multitude of space to store your kitchen essentials. A tall cabinet with shelves at different heights makes it easy to store various groceries just steps away from where meals are prepared. This easy access pantry matches the dark-stained lower cabinets, keeping the kitchen's look cohesive.

Here are the storage essentials you need to keep your kitchen pantry organized. These tools and organizers will bring order to your cooking gear, food, cookbooks, and more.

Pantry Essentials

The right tools can make all the difference in pantry organization. Watch this video to learn about some of our pantry favorites and how to use them.

Keep Food Together

Keep all your food in the same area for quick, easy access. A tall pullout pantry acts as an extension of the refrigerator, consolidating dry goods and cold-food storage into one area of the kitchen. The narrow cabinet slides out to reveal long shelves for a lot of storage in a little space.

Small-Pantry Storage

Smart storage and efficient use of space is essential with a small pantry. Try portioning snacks into bags and food storage bins for easy access. Cereal, pasta, and other dry foods can be emptied into clear plastic bins for easy recognition. An over-door shelf provides extra storage without having to cram too many items on each shelf.

Don'€™t have built-ins in your kitchen? All you need is a sliver of empty wall to set up this instant pantry.

Squeeze in a Pantry

Fit a pantry into any size kitchen with these clever tricks.


Neat Presentation

A minimalist style often creates a crisp and organized look. With the pantry door open more often than not, organization and a neat presentation is essential. A wooden wine rack immediately gives off a sophisticated and orderly look. The pantry looks clean and presentable with intentional placement of food, appliances, and cookware on clean white shelves.

Enlist Vertical Storage

Installing a tall pantry with both open shelving and cabinetry amps up the room's storage capacity while adding furniture-style elegance. The 14-inch cabinet depth is just right for storing dry goods and makes taking inventory easy. When using deeper shelves, enlist baskets or shelf dividers to keep storage items organized.

Slim & Savvy Small Pantry

Placing a pantry cabinet in an adjacent space creates a roomier kitchen. Shelves on the backs of doors maximize pantry cabinet storage. Pullout shelves utilize every inch of pantry space for food, supplies, and small appliances.

Recessed Pantry Design

The built-in look of recessed-panel kitchen cabinets offers attractive, out-of-sight pantry storage. This recessed pantry design provides a combination of shelf and door storage for spices, dry goods, and small kitchen appliances.

Butler's Pantry

Keep small appliances, servingware, and food out of way with a large, off-the-kitchen pantry. Just beyond the refrigerator, the pantry has plentiful open shelving along with counter space and cabinetry. The abundance of space allows for a wine cooler, microwave oven, and other kitchen appliances, which keeps the main kitchen from looking cluttered and makes the pantry a useful, tucked away prep space. 

Built-In Pantry

Replace conventional shelves with sliding drawers for easier access to your cooking essentials. Deep shelves on top and pullout drawers below offer abundant storage in a compact form and make it easy to do a quick visual inventory. White double doors match the kitchen’s style and hide the collection of dry goods. 

Stylish Pantry

Maintain the style of your kitchen in the pantry, despite its tucked away location. To keep with the kitchen’s design, choose bowls, baskets, bins, jars, and other storage devices in shapes and hues that complement the room’s decor. Try using a wooden bookshelf-like storage unit for a more sophisticated, less culinary look.

Fine China

Pantries aren’t only meant for storing food. Arrange your china and tableware in an organized, presentable fashion on the shelves of your pantry. Neatly stack plates and bowls, and carefully arrange glasses to ensure that your china is ready for the eyes of any dinner guest.

Pantry Shelving

Basic style and architecture from the adjoining kitchen make this pantry more of an additional room rather than simply a storage closet. Wainscoting along the walls and a soapstone countertop add elements of style to the space. The shelf-lined walls provide ample room for staples and dishes and reduces the need for above-counter cabinets in the kitchen.

Cubby-Style Pantry

The better you label your food items, the more easily you can organize your kitchen pantry -- and keep it that way. Cabinets fit together to create a cubby-style pantry design with room for both bulk and everyday items in one accessible location. Shallow boxes and small bins are easy to take with you into the kitchen and help cut down on multiple trips back and forth.

Compact Pantry

Just steps from the kitchen island, a compact but extra-deep pantry stores food and small appliances. Deep rolling drawers allow easy access to otherwise hard-to-reach items. The compact style allows the pantry to blend with the kitchen and keeps food and appliances out of sight.

Spacious Walk-In Pantry

Keep food items on hand and in tip-top shape with an organized kitchen pantry. Walk-in pantry designs allow easy access and storage of nonperishable foods, wine, small appliances, and tableware. Shallow pantry shelves provide easy viewing of food items and help small items stay organized rather than become lost among larger items.


This pantry is all about easy access. The retrofitted pullout storage provides convenient access to deep drawers, perfect for storing several items while still keeping them tucked away. The corkboard lined door provides a handy hanging zone for keys, notes, and even handmade family artwork.

Hidden in Elegance

Keep an elegant kitchen clutter-free by hiding countertop appliances, food, and more in an out-of-sight pantry. Set flush in the wall, built-in china cabinets flank the pantry hidden behind a door. With the door closed, the space feels almost like a paneled room. Despite being tucked away, the pantry maintains the quiet color family and simple design of the kitchen.

DIY Pantry

A repurposed closet is transformed into a pantry in this DIY kitchen. The pantry doors slide open for easy access to the storage space. Rows of deep shelves, covered with clouded glass doors, provide plentiful storage for food as well as kitchen essentials like a microwave or even a garbage can. Custom cabinets on both sides of the pantry sport chalkboards made by covering the panels with insets of black laminate.

Repurposed Armoire Pantry

An inexpensive armoire serves as a pantry unit in this small kitchen. New built-in shelves and drawers add to the functionality inside the pantry, and its exterior was stained a darker color for a more expensive look.

Locker-Style Pantry

Add a youthful, unique element to your kitchen by transforming metal lockers into a makeshift pantry. Combined with wooden shelves, the lockers provide adequate storage space and also bring a style to an eclectic kitchen.

Behind Closed Doors

Tall cabinet doors keep food storage hidden and keep the kitchen looking sleek and organized. The panel-style doors open to reveal deep shelves perfect for storing dry, canned, and jarred goods. The doors not only hide the pantry, but also the refrigerator, allowing all food to be kept in one central area.

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