Store food more efficiently with simple tricks and inexpensive
products that help you tidy a kitchen closet or pantry cabinet.


Do This: Create Easy Viewing


Do sort cans by type and size, then arrange in rows on risers. Yes, risers consume some storage volume, but they also increase the quality of the remaining space. Position tall items in the back row of the riser, with short items in front. The shortest items can sit directly on the shelf if it's deep enough.

Not That: Block Your View

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Don't stack large canned items on top of other canned items or place similar height items in front of one another.

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Do This: Use Proper Storing Techniques

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Do store pet food in a lidded container that seals airtight -- and be sure to include a scoop to make feedings easy. Consider replacing lidded waste cans with stacking bins that help you sort recyclables immediately. The smaller size of these bins forces you to take items to a larger container on a regular basis.

Not That: Ignore the Floor

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Don't ignore bulky floor containers. Leaving bags on the floor means pets, pests, or moisture could get into them. Also, don't collect recycling in hard-to-open containers. The last thing you need is two handfuls of recyclables and no hands to open the container with.

Do This: Categorize

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Do divide snacks into categories that make sense for your family, such as "salty" and "sweet" or "kids" and "adults." Take snack bars or single serving snack bags out of their original boxes and store them in open bins or baskets, which are easy to access and carry. Also, for a more organized look, stick to a single type of clip to close all packaging.

Not That: Waste Space


Don't toss snack bags on a shelf willy-nilly or keep them in bulky packaging. Large bags and ill-balanced boxes take up valuable storage space and make finding the right snack difficult.

Do This: Add Moving Platforms

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Do stock a lazy Susan with bottles and other round containers. To improve stability, place the tallest and skinniest bottles in the center and surround them with shorter containers. Minimize slippage by lining the lazy Susan (and any storage add-on with moving platforms) with a rubber or silicone sheet.

Not That: Layer Bottles


Don't shelve bottles several layers deep. It's difficult to see and to grab.

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