Capitalize on your kitchen's storage space by including a pantry in your plan. The beauty of this kitchen feature is that it provides extra storage and a great opportunity for organization no matter the amount of space you have. Begin by determining what you will actually need to store and what is important to have at hand for cooking. Find a new place for items rarely used so you can make room for those used frequently. When it comes to organization, decluttering is half the battle. If your kitchen space is limited, the sliding shelves of a pullout pantry make it easy to see and access food items—without requiring extra floor space. Vertical cabinet pantries should be used when you install cabinets. You can also retrofit existing cabinetry with many of the organizational accessories offered by cabinet companies. A walk-in pantry secures designated space to store food and kitchen items. To avoid clutter, include organization accessories such as baskets and shelf risers in your budget. Incorporating organization into your pantry's design and considering its convenience to the main workstations of the kitchen will make your pantry an element of kitchen design that you can't live without.

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