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Find clever and stylish wine storage ideas, including wine storage racks, wine coolers, and built-in wine cabinets.

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Freestanding Storage Cart

wine storage

Reminiscent of a commercial kitchen island, this rolling cart replete with cabinets supplies collected character and a space for stacking wine bottles. A tabletop wine rack holds tonight's wine offerings; as those are emptied, replacement bottles are easy to grab from inside the cabinet.

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Display-Worthy Design

wine storage

Customized cabinet inserts store wine bottles at an angle to ensure corks don't dry out and wine tastes its best. Wine storage without doors allows homeowners to easily see what wines are in stock. Shop for specialty wine bottle-storage inserts and roll-outs that fit your cabinets at home centers, storage shops, and kitchen showrooms.

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Cool Configuration

wine shelf

A bookcase conveniently located next to a breakfast bar is a handsome holding area for assorted wine bottles. Wine racks scale the bookcase's rear wall; strategically spaced shelves showcase stellar wine varietals and labels. Tree-pattern wallpaper and a central mirrored panel give the wine storage unit a stylish boost.

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Creative Built-In Corner

wine storage

These homeowners split the difference when outfitting a kitchen corner with upper cabinets. Instead of wrapping the corner with a single cabinet, they placed a narrow glass-door cabinet on the sink wall and eight wine cubbies on the adjacent wall. An arched detail ties the open cubbies to a cornice that frames a nearby window.

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DIY Bar Service

wine buffet

Keep bottles of wine, along with glassware and cocktail supplies, near your home's primary entertaining area. This colorful wine rack crafted from pieces of PVC pipe and decorative paper is bound together with a kicky red belt and holds up to six bottles of wine. It sits ready to serve at the drink station but can be easily transported if the party moves outside.

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How to Stock the Perfect Bar Cart

Don't forget the stemware! Our favorite bloggers advise on the humble bar cart.

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Convenient Beverage Catchall

wine storage

Pantry-style cabinets easily corral bottles of liquor and wine. This stainless-steel beauty stores all types of libations and quickly pulls out for easy entertaining. Because it's set up in a kitchen's far corner, this bar area lets people serve themselves without getting in the chef's way.

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Bonus Base Cabinet

wine storage

If you're building a new home or remodeling your kitchen, work with your cabinetmaker to add a base cabinet equipped with wine bottle cubbies. This streamlined storage system underscores the kitchen's modern atmosphere while holding 35 bottles of wine. These high-capacity units let homeowners stock up on sale-price wines and provide ample space to stockpile wines that aren't quite ripe for the sipping.

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Statement Piece

wine shelf

Wine storage doesn't get much simpler than this! Cut-to-fit boards set on the diagonal convert this storage unit's upper cubes into an ideal space for stacking and sorting wine bottles. Orange paint ties the components together to fashion a funky furniture piece. Plastic serving trays mounted to wall brackets provide storage for glassware and contribute to this bar area's artistic look.

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Custom Island Interiors

wine shelving

Tailor-made shelves and wine bottle holders amplify an island's utility and overall appeal. Attractive boxes hold colorful barware next to neatly arranged bottles of wine to make this the go-to gathering spot when a party's on tap.

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Simple Wine Storage Solution

wine rack

Wine racks come in all sorts of styles and configurations, which ensures you'll find one that suits your needs. Convert half of a dresser or sideboard into a high-functioning wine cabinet by equipping the shelves with inexpensive freestanding racks. This allows wine labels to be quickly read and proper vintages to be quickly retrieved.

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Chic Wine Cabinet Upgrade

wine storage

Cabinet manufacturers supply an array of built-in wine storage units that complement their company's collections. These homeowners made ordinary wine cubes extraordinary. A rich stained finish allows the cubes to stand out against white painted cabinets; nailhead tacks elegantly accentuate the wine cubbies' X design.

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Endless Wine Storage Options

wine storage

If you've got a shelf to spare, you've got space for adding wine storage. A multitude of modular, stackable, and design-your-own wine racks can be found at affordable prices. Measure your available space before shopping to help you smartly sort through your options and guarantee you'll come home with a rack that perfectly fits your space.

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Refrigerator Potential Realized

white kitchen

Make the most of that hard-to-reach space above the fridge. Generally home to black-hole cabinets where surplus equipment resides unused and forgotten, this area is prime real estate for creating wine storage. In this artful arrangement, two rows of cubbies provide space for eight bottles of wine, while the cabinet between provides storage for occasional dishware.

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Inviting Installation

wooden crate decor

Create your own wine bar. Mount racks or bins on a wall to hold bottles of wine above a furniture piece that provides a prep surface and storage. Guests will feel comfortable helping themselves to wine at this vintage-chic serving station anchored by an industrial cart. A paper menu announces the wines stored in a wall-mounted antique box. The DIY wine storage solution comes equipped with a mounted wineglass rack and glass cork container for one-stop wine service.

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Wall Cache

Wine shelf

Remodeling your kitchen? Space two walls far enough apart to accommodate a niche with shelves and cubbies sized to hold bottles of wine. Alternatively, tap into existing open floor and wall spaces between cabinets, appliances, and walls to add ready-made racks or built-in wine bottle cubbies.

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Oenophiles' Delight

Stair storage

Tap into wasted space under a staircase to create a wine cellar where you can catalog your collection. Metal bottle holders installed on a rack system stack up for storage that allows bottles to be stored with labels facing outward. A glass enclosure keeps bottles dust-free and protected from drafts and traffic. Find similar racks at online retailers specializing in wine-related gear.

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Wine Enthusiast's Refrigerator


If you serve wine often, consider investing in a full-size wine refrigerator. A unit like this one will keep wine at the proper constant temperature (between 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity (about 70 percent) so it ages well. Look for a refrigerator with temperature zones that let you fine-tune storage conditions. Tinted-glass doors let you see racks of bottles and block harmful UV rays that could affect the quality of the wine.

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Wine Enthusiast's Beverage Center


This combination of open shelves and an under-counter wine refrigerator provides flexible storage options in a relatively compact space. The refrigerator, which features pullout shelves, holds wine at a constant, cool temperature to preserve its quality. The open shelves are best for storing red wines, which should be served at room temperature. White and sparkling wines keep their quality better if stored at lower temperatures.

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Undercounter Wine Refrigerator


Part coffee station, part wine bar, this built-in sideboard includes an under-counter wine refrigerator with wooden pullout shelves and zoned temperature controls. The unit is recessed into the sideboard so a custom door with a glass insert can fit over it, preserving the furniturelike appearance of the sideboard.

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Brick Block Wine Rack


If you're looking for a sturdy wine rack, this one is for you! Consider arranging a series of clay pipes or blocks of brick into hollow circular rows. Keep in mind that most standard bottles will require a 4" diameter. Feel free to bring an empty bottle with you when shopping for materials.

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