Unfitted Kitchen Storage Ideas

A refreshing alternative to built-in cabinetry, unfitted -- or furniture-style -- storage options infuse a kitchen with character and charm.

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    Antique Hutch

    For instant character, transform an antique or heirloom piece into a functional piece of kitchen furniture. Here, a 100-year-old hutch not only provides storage space, but also serves as design inspiration for the rest of the room.

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    Open Shelving

    Streamlined shelves used in lieu of cabinets lend a modern, sophisticated look. Using a mix of glass and solid-color shelves sparks visual interest. Wooden drawers keep unsightly supplies like recipe cards handy but hidden.

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    Freestanding Kitchen Island

    Unique structural elements such as exposed wall beams make creative storage solutions a necessity in this kitchen. The freestanding island reflects the room's rustic design while offering a spacious workstation. Baskets on the open shelf below stand ready to stash pots and pans for easy access.

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    Open Kitchen Cabinets

    Open shelves and stainless-steel utensil racks infuse casual, contemporary character among more fitted cabinetry. Echoing the ceiling beam's dark, rich tone, a found table-turned-island provides a refreshing change from the surrounding white cabinetry.

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    Simple Shelves

    You don't have to spend a fortune on cabinetry to get a sleek look with functional storage. Here, four simple wooden shelves with steel brackets keep dishes handy and an inexpensive freestanding metal-top table does double duty as a work surface and microwave stand.

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    Wall Cubbies

    Everything old is new again in this efficient space. A fresh coat of white paint refreshes an old wall cabinetry unit outfitted with an assortment of cubbies for storing dishes. Once a prep table at a bakery, the galvanized-steel island lends old-fashioned flair, along with a new farmhouse sink with a skirted bottom that disguises additional storage for pots and pans.

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    Furniture-Style Cabinets

    Incorporating cabinetry designed to look like furniture is a great way to add drama to surrounding built-ins. Dressed in a vibrant blue, this breakfront boosts storage capacity while artfully displaying favorite pieces through window-pane glass doors.

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    Open Wall Storage

    Variety is the spice of life in this kitchen that skillfully combines warm wood textures with sleek metal finishes. Inexpensive and roomy wire baskets stash staples in style in open cubbies. Above, two aluminum shelves create an open and airy -- yet efficient and organized -- space for storing dishes and other supplies.

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    Functional Display Shelving

    You might not think of your serving pieces and food staples as art, but this collage of kitchen essentials makes an artful statement flanking the range area. Simple white, unadorned shelves allow what's on top of them to shine.

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