Think vertical! When it comes to clever countertop kitchen storage, tiered stands and trays provide both function and beauty. These seven ideas mix organization and decor so perfectly that it will become one organizing piece you'll want to leave out on the counter.

Tiered Stand

These items would have normally been taking up space on the countertop of Finding Home Farm's kitchen. Instead, the butter dish, salt and pepper shakers, candle, and spices are neatly contained and create a lovely display in this galvanized tiered tray.

2. Wooden Tiered Stand

Tiered Stand

When space is tight, think up! A small tiered stand creates vertical storage for small bowls and coffee fixings on this buffet from Nina Hendrick.

3. Sink-Side Tiered Stand

Tiered Stand

Sponges, brushes, and soaps can clutter up a sink area. Bless'er House solved this dilemma by neatly corralling those items within a pretty galvanized tiered tray. That's one way to make doing dishes more pleasant!

4. Large Multipurpose Tiered Stand

Tiered stand

This large tiered stand can serve many purposes. Dear Lillie was able to store plates, plants, mugs, and fruit all on one stand. Not only did this free up storage elsewhere, it looks beautiful, too!

5. Outdoor Table Tiered Stand

Tiered Stand

Using tiered trays for kitchen storage doesn't have to be limited to indoors. Maison de Pax cleverly utilized a three-tiered tray to create extra table space to serve fruit in the eating area of her outdoor kitchen.

6. Seasonal Decor Tiered Stand

Tiered Stand

While at first glance this looks like a purely decorative display, Home Stories A to Z managed to store her salt shakers, cream pitchers, and paper straws on her wire tiered stand. When not in use, these pieces act as vessels to add some lovely seasonal decor to her space.

7. Cup Collection Tiered Stand

Tiered Stand

These pretty cups and bowls may have otherwise be hidden away, but House by Hoff used a small tiered stand to compactly display a curated collection of cobalt china. Now everyone can enjoy her collection right on her kitchen island!


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