25 Clever Cabinet and Drawer Storage Ideas for Your Home

Kitchen Drawers

Every room in the house could use a little extra storage. Install these storage-packed shelves, drawers, and cabinets to make the most of your kitchen storage.

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Hidden Assets

Kitchen Drawers

A deep drawer pulls out from a seating area to reveal art and craft supplies. These items are perfect to keep kids busy until dinner is ready.

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Island Add-Ons

Kitchen Drawers

Wine is easily accessible in cubbies added to the end of an island. Below, a pullout shelf gives access to the most used dishes and platters.

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Kick It Up

Stealthy Storage

Make use of unused space under cabinets with a toe-kick drawer. These shallow drawers are perfect for tablecloths, runners, and napkins. Sort by color or season to reduce search time.

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Drink Specials

selke mudroom: wine and napkins

When remodeling your kitchen, customize drawers to fit your needs. In this kitchen, special drawers are just deep enough to hold a wine bottle. These drawers store several bottles of wine on their sides.

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Entertain with Ease

Kitchen Drawers

Outfit a stand-alone dresser for entertaining. Keep bottles for simple drinks on display and hide everything else below. Store ice buckets, napkins, and glassware close by.

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Easy to Find


A home's junk drawer doesn't have to be a mess. Simple dividers section this drawer and keep everything organized. Use small dishes for loose items like change, keys, and paper clips.

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Organize Your Junk Drawer

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Hot Rod

Kitchen Drawers

Outfit a narrow pullout cabinet with wood dowels or window treatment hardware. Drape table linens and dish cloths over the dowels for wrinkle-free storage.

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Loaves and Loaves

Kitchen Drawers

Get bread off the counter and within easy reach with a special drawer. The acrylic lid keeps bread fresh and easy to find.

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Sharp Skills

Kitchen Drawers

Keep your kitchen knives handy and safe with built-in storage. A knife rack inside of a drawer gives each knife a place and prevents knives from sliding around.

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Ready When Needed

Kitchen Drawers

A stand-alone cabinet holds everything a guest would need -- and keeps it all within sight behind glass doors. Pretty jars and color-coordinated boxes are perfect for storing soaps, salts, and other grooming essentials. Keep less pretty items hidden behind the closed doors below.

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Close to the Cooktop

Kitchen Drawers

In the past, bottom-of-the-range storage consisted of a single oven drawer stuffed to the brim. But these below-cooktop compartments allow ample room beneath the burners for pots, pans, and matching lids. What's even better is that they keep pots and pans close to where they're used most.

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Beneath the Seat

seating with storage

Keep table linens at the ready with shallow drawers under a banquette seat. Pullout drawers are easier to access than flipping up the seat, upsetting cushions, pillows, and even diners.

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Tight-Space Solutions

vertical mudroom/bhg

Tight spaces don't come with a lot of swing room, so install narrow pullout cabinets or units with hinged doors. Tall locker-style drawers are great for separating each family member's belongings. The system features a perforated metal panel that can hold items on both sides.

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Out of Sight

Under Cabinet Storage, Pullout Storage

Hide trash and recycling receptacles inside a deep cabinet. Retrofit cabinets with a simple pullout system to accommodate multiple bins.

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Double Up


Furniture that performs multiple functions is the key to smart storage solutions. This cabinet has simple shelf storage as well as drawers, maximizing the items that can be stored here.

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Corral and Carry On

Kitchen Drawers

Limit overhead lifting in your kitchen by storing dishes in low drawers near a sink or dishwasher. Metal racks corral plates and bowls and can easily be lifted out and carried where they are needed.

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Good Groupings

Kitchen Drawers

Gather linens into groups with large metal clips and stagger so each set is visible. Use small bowls or plates to separate napkin rings and other dining accessories.

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Corner More Storage

Kitchen Drawers

Corner cabinets can be awkward and hard to utilize. A trio of pullout drawers creates usable space that may otherwise be wasted.

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Small Appliance Station


No more dragging out the toaster and coffee maker every morning -- add outlets inside a cabinet and group small appliances together. The cabinet doors slide inside to keep the appliances and the rest of the room accessible at the same time.

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Perfect Pantry

Kitchen Drawers

Pantry organization is key to knowing what you have and finding what you need. Organize goods by shelf -- dry goods in clear containers, canned goods and baskets for loose items.

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Nice Spices

Kitchen Drawers

Transfer spices into matching tins to keep your collection organized. See what you have at a glance and never have three jars of cumin again.

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Pullout Pantry

Kitchen Drawers

Put a pantry at eye-level with pullout drawers to make mealtime easy. Pullout shelves help to see items at the back of the pantry, so nothing ever gets lost.

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Room to Serve

Kitchen Drawers

Spatulas and spoons are easy to find with drawer separators. When every utensil has a place, your drawer will be organized and will close every time.

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Arms' Reach

Kitchen Drawers

Add a drawer to your island for storing cooking oils, spices, and more. Since this drawer is double-sided, there is no digging to find what you're looking for: Everything is in plain sight.

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