Space-Savvy Ways to Store Spices

These clever storage ideas will keep your favorite spices organized, properly stored, and close at hand.

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    Spice Canisters

    A ceramic canister set is a vintage take on a traditional spice set. These large containers are perfect for frequently used ingredients, and their corked lids protect against light and moisture

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    Custom Spice Storage

    Make a custom spice rack with individual tins that can be filled and customized to suit your tastes. Give ordinary spice tins a hint of flavor with personalized labels. Add flair with decorative contact paper, and use small cards to mark each container's contents.

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    Spice Cabinet

    If your kitchen lacks counter space, stash spices in an overhead cabinet or pantry. A three-tier rack is simple to organize, allows for easy viewing, and enables plenty of storage.

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    Baking Box

    A small tray requires little counter space and groups frequently used baking ingredients in one compact location. When you are finished working, tidy up the tray and stow it away in a cabinet or drawer.

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    Simple Spice Storage

    Secure herbs and spices with a magnetic rack. Small tins with clear lids make for simple sorting, and they're easy to handle. Bonus: A magnetic rack like this one can fit on the inside of a cabinet door or along unused wall space -- anywhere you can hang a sheet of metal.

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    Spice Tray

    Use a tray to gather up all the spices you'll need to make a dish and place it near your prep spot. You'll have everything on hand and won't have to run back and forth to your spice rack.

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    Spice Store House

    Keep frequently used spices at your fingertips by housing a rack inside the door of a kitchen cabinet. Replenish your stores from larger ingredient jars placed on the shelves.

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    Wall Spice Rack

    A tiered spice rack that coordinates with your appliances looks great in the open. Its wall-mount location frees up counter space.

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    Hanging Tough

    A chrome rack and clear hanging containers keep frequently used spices within easy reach.

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    Drawer Storage

    Drawers are perfect for storing spices. They keep them close at hand when needed, but tucked out of sight when not. Label lids if the jars are standing upright, or label sides of jars if they're lying flat or tilted.

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    Straight & Narrow

    For spice storage, claim the thinnest of spaces, such as that below upper cabinets, at the end of a counter, or on the side of the island. The limited space keeps spices from hiding behind one another.

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    Lab Results

    Create easy access to your favorite spices by making them portable. Fill test tubes with spices and arrange in a wire holder. When spice levels get low, refill from original bottles stored elsewhere in the kitchen.

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    Rack 'Em Up

    Keep frequently used spices at your fingertips by using a two-tier hanging rack. Stick labels to jar tops to easily identify your spices when standing.

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