20 Small-Appliance Storage Ideas to Reduce Countertop Clutter

Clear kitchen counters with these clever ideas for storing small appliances.

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Whether your kitchen lacks counter space or you simply don’t want to crowd its surfaces, it's important to keep clutter off countertops. After all, less stuff means more room for cooking, baking, or meal prepping. One culprit of countertop clutter is small appliances. While some items make sense to leave out because of frequent use (your coffee maker, for example), many appliances can be tucked away neatly and at the ready for when they need to be put to work. Use the following ideas for small appliance storage to keep your kitchen counters clear so you can focus on your culinary skills.

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Swing-Out Cabinets

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Corner cabinets can be a pain to organize. Installing dual swing-out shelves eliminates any issues with storing small appliances and bulky pots and pans. This cabinet design makes the most use of the space and allows you to easily grab your blender and its parts with minimal effort.

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Add Shelf Risers

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If your kitchen or a nearby space, such as a dining room, boosts floor-to-ceiling cabinets, consider carving out a spot for small appliances. While upper open or glass-door cabinets can house pretty bowls and cake stands, use base cabinets to store appliances that aren’t used daily, such as the slow cooker. If it’s heavy or bulky, placing the appliance on a lower level will also be easier for you to pick up and put away. To make the most of the space, consider adding shelf risers in order to stack small appliances as needed.

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Store Seldom-Used Items Up High

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If a kitchen appliance, such as a bread maker or juicer, only gets used a few times each year, it might be better off stored up high and out of the way. If your pantry has empty space on the top shelves, and you don’t mind climbing a step stool to retrieve it come the holiday season, stick it there. You’ll know where it is at all times, but it won’t crowd countertops or cabinets.

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Tucked Away Appliances

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For those who want to avoid all visual clutter in the kitchen, cabinets that camouflage more than just plates and glasses are a dream. Hide everything from your microwave to the espresso machine behind oversize cabinet doors. Make sure you consider nearby outlets for this method of storing kitchen appliances.

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Create a Breakfast Spot

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If you prefer juice and toast for breakfast, make your morning routine simple with a one-stop shop. Tuck a toaster and blender together into a countertop-height cabinet that has an outlet. When you wake up, slide them out to make your meal. Just be sure to put the appliances away again before you rush off to start your day.

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Add a Lazy Susan

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Walk-in pantries are a great asset, but they usually include less-than-ideal corner shelves. While it can be hard to find items that fit comfortably on corner shelves, lazy Susans help maximize the surface area. Use them to store round (or roundish) small appliances, such as rice cookers, pressure cookers, or air fryers.

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Group Items by Task

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When organizing your home, corral similar items together. This way, everything you need is at your fingertips. Choose a small cabinet in the kitchen to store small appliances and tools for a specific task. Bulkier appliances like juicers can sit on a lower shelf, then put something lighter, like a citrus squeezer, in a drawer just above it.

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Make a Coffee Nook

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Start your morning with a dedicated spot to make your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Store a coffee maker, teapot, electric kettle, and microwave inside a single cabinet with sliding or hinged doors. Organize your mugs, decant your coffee beans into airtight canisters, and display your tea bags for the ultimate café experience.

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Streamline Food Prep

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Having everything you need close by is ideal for seamless food prep. A recessed microwave near the pantry makes heating up oatmeal or making popcorn a breeze. A stand mixer along with its accessories placed on a shelf below baking goods keeps all the ingredients and tools in one place, so you can whip up an impromptu batch of cookies.

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Toaster Storage

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Keep your toaster neatly tucked away but always at the ready with a small cubby. Use a flip-up cabinet door to hide it when not in use. Just make sure you have a way to conveniently connect the wiring nearby.

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Designate an Alcove

Appliance garage

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Set aside an area in your kitchen specifically for small appliance storage. In this kitchen, an otherwise unused corner is the perfect place for the coffee pot and grinder. These bright blue shelves are customizable to meet any home cook's needs, whether that's a mixing bowl or wine storage.

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Open Shelves

kitchen shelving

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Stainless steel is a timeless kitchen material. Instead of hiding your stainless-steel appliances, store them on open shelves and use them to add visual variety to your kitchen. The finish on this microwave seamlessly blends the appliance and shelves. Whether heating up leftovers or making a snack, this no-fuss location enables anyone in the family to easily access the microwave.

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Add an Appliance Garage

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Appliance garages are popular storage solutions for small kitchen devices, since they keep awkward-sized units out of sight but close at hand. These small cabinets are as varied as the items they hide. This one blends seamlessly with the existing kitchen cabinetry.

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Pop-Up Mixer


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Pop-up mixer stands provide a base for stand mixers and allow you to conveniently store mixers in lower cabinetry. Simply pull out the shelf when you need it. This simple hack saves tons of counter space and makes it easy to lift the heavy appliance when it's time to bake.

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Flip-Top Cabinetry

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It's easy to access small appliances in a cabinet with a flip-up door. The door stays out of the way, so you can grab a cup of coffee or heat up some breakfast. Employ a nearby drawer to hold essentials like silverware, measuring spoons, and napkins.

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Roll with It


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Inspired by old-fashioned rolltop desks, this small appliance storage features a rolling door. When the door is open, it almost disappears, leaving plenty of space to work. This style is nice for storing frequently used items because the door won't get in the way if left open.

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Pullout Shelf

Kitchen Storage

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This pullout shelf pairs small appliance storage and accessibility by keeping appliances hidden away. Avoid a jumbled mess of cords and parts by designating a specific spot for each small appliance. Roll out the shelf the next time you need a mixer to whip up some cookies or need the food processor.

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Island Hideaway


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Small appliances can also be tucked away in traditional cabinetry. Equipment stored at the end of the island is accessible but out of sight. Keep appliances such as microwaves on an island, so they don't clutter up wall or counter space.

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Practical Pantry

Walk-in pantry

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Fill an open shelf in a walk-in pantry with extra appliances. Storing the machines in a pantry saves space in the kitchen, but they're close enough to be available at a moment's notice. Adjustable shelving in pantries makes it possible to store appliances of any height.

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Custom Corner

Small appliances on shelves with pull down door

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Vertically shelved appliances take the visual weight off the counter and save space. Embed a plugin outlet for streamlined use of items like the toaster, blender, or juicer. This design utilizes corners to allow for maximum storage area.

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