15 Pullout Kitchen Storage Ideas that Maximize Every Inch

Slide out kitchen pantry
Photo: Greg Scheidemann

Make the most of your kitchen with storage solutions that conveniently pull out for easy access. Use these standout ideas to organize cookware, utensils, and pantry staples, and give your cabinetry a custom feel.

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Narrow Pullout Drawer

vertical kitchen drawer utensils
James Nathan Schroder

Storing away extra bottles and jars keeps your kitchen countertops feeling clean and uncluttered. A pullout next to the oven keeps oils, vinegars, and cooking utensils out of sight yet close at hand. Bonus: The drawer's narrow footprint means it can fit in a sliver of space.

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Pullout Cabinet Storage

organized kitchen cabinet drawers
John Granen

Installing pullout shelves within cabinets can help you easily reach items in the back without rummaging through the entire contents. These drawer shelves feature raised edges that keep pantry staples in place, while a fixed shelf on top holds large cookware and serving bowls.

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Cookware Storage Drawer

pots and pans storage drawers
John Granen

A deep drawer under the cooktop can easily accommodate bulky pots and pans. The two-tiered design seen here even includes a separate pullout within the drawer for lid storage—genius!

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Recycling Pullout Storage

kitchen drawer trash can
Tria Giovan

If you have the opportunity to design your kitchen from scratch, it's a great idea to incorporate pullout kitchen storage ideas that make daily tasks easier. Case in point? This convenient recycling pullout. Located in a base cabinet, it provides a handy spot to store used plastic bottles and papers rather than carry recyclables out to the garage each day.

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Toe-Kick Pullout Storage

kitchen storage racks under stove
Jeff Herr 

Maximize storage by installing a drawer in what is traditionally wasted toe-kick space. This shallow spot is perfectly suited for slim items like sheet pans, cooling racks, and other flat kitchenware.

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Pullout Pantry Cabinet

Slide out kitchen pantry
Greg Scheidemann

If you don't have room for a walk-in pantry, this pullout kitchen storage idea can be an efficient alternative. Tucked next to the refrigerator, this roll-out pantry cabinet stores a plethora of canned and boxed staples in a compact area.

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Pullout Silverware Storage

kitchen drawer organize silverware
Helen Norman

Boost organization inside your silverware drawer with custom inserts. Here, wood dividers sort forks, knives, and spoons, while a second tier slides into view when needed.

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Pullout Sheet Pan Storage

hidden kitchen storage slide out with sheet pans
Gordon Beall

Make use of narrow areas between cabinets and appliances with pullouts. In this kitchen, a slim drawer stores sheet pans alongside the oven for marathon baking sessions.

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Pullout Charging Drawer

organized kitchen drawer electronics
Tria Giovan

Techie households will love this next idea. For a convenient spot to juice up all your gear, outfit a kitchen drawer with a pullout charging station. This one features multiple USB ports for connecting phones, tablets, and more, while adjustable dividers keep electronics separate from writing utensils and other office supplies.

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Pullout Pantry Storage

built in pantry sliding drawers

Pullout shelves help ensure items don't get lost at the back of the pantry. Located inside a tall cabinet, this pantry area features a mix of stationary and pullout shelving, allowing you to cater your setup to your needs. Another bonus: The shelves are positioned at various heights to accommodate different-sized items.

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Pullout Pots and Pans Drawer

gray kitchen cabinets pull-out shelves pots pans
Andreas Trauttmansdorff

End the struggle to find the right lid for a saucepan with this pullout kitchen storage idea. The two-tiered, slide-out system provides double the space for pots, pans, and lids and allows you to store your cookware flat to prevent damage. Pro tip: For cookware storage, be sure to use full-extension drawer slides rated to support at least 100 pounds.

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Pullout Storage Combo

gray drawers open in modern kitchen
Nathan Kirkman

Custom pullout kitchen storage ideas are a great way to take full advantage of all the available space in a small kitchen. Here, drawers were specifically sized to surround the built-in microwave so no space is wasted.

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Pullout Spice Rack

spice cabinet
Emily Minton-Redfield

A multi-tier pullout spice rack next to the range allows you to quickly find the right ingredients for your favorite dishes. Made from stainless steel, this is a durable, sleek, and easy-to-clean storage option.

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Pullout Dishware Storage

kitchen dish storage pull-out shelves cabinets
John Bessler

Here's the good news: If you want to add pullout storage to your kitchen, you don't necessarily need to buy custom cabinets. Although custom cabinetry offers the widest variety of options, some features are now available in semicustom work. Another option? Install products you can purchase yourself to modify stock cabinetry, as seen here.

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Pullout Cutting Board Storage

vertical cabinet dividers roll-out drawer kitchen trays cutting boards
Jon Jensen

Long, wide slots are a perfect fit for cutting boards, sheet pans, and otherwise unwieldy kitchenware. These items are easier to handle when stored in a tall, divided pullout, as opposed to stacked on a high shelf. In this kitchen, proximity to the range is also a plus.

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