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Pot racks can be a fun and easy way to accomplish stylish kitchen organization. Find them here in an array of styles, finishes, and mounts to create that organized kitchen you have always dreamed of.

Stylish Pot Racks

Pot racks come in a variety of sizes and mounting capabilities. Here, this Enclume pot rack can store up to 12 pots and pans. The sturdy rack hangs above the kitchen island, creating a fun atmosphere in the room. Additionally, the pot rack frees up extra cabinet space so there is more room to store other kitchen appliances and dinnerware.

Dual Pot Rack and Chandelier

This rustic-looking pot rack acts as a chandelier as well as a kitchen organizer in this Tuscan-style home. Candles can be lit atop the pot rack to add a friendly glow to the area while the copper pots dangle elegantly above the island. The dark tones of the hanging pot rack contrast well with the copper coloring of the pots. This dual-action pot rack/chandelier meshes practicality with sophistication to inspire a unique and fashionable kitchen.

Ornate Painted Pot Rack

This oversize pot rack was painted by a Napa Valley artist in the style of a classical architectural frieze. The ornate painting enhances the baroque elegance of the kitchen, and provides ample space for hanging pots and pans. The large island beneath the rack enables the hanging pot rack to be quite substantial, and the elaborate detail makes it an aesthetically pleasing focal point of the room. Copper-colored pots blend well with the hues found throughout the remainder of the room to make the room feel comfortable and stylish.

Pot Rack as Window Treatment

This unique pot rack acts in the place of curtains in this kitchen. The use of a valance above the window provides an excellent place to hang pots and pans while creating the look of a drapery. The various pots hang above and still allow for an excellent view out of the window when cooking or cleaning. Use of the pot rack clears space for other cookware storage in the cabinets and drawers. Pots in place of fabric as the kitchen drapery add a distinguishing look that enhances the character of the room.

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More Kitchen Storage Ideas

Go beyond pot storage with these ideas for keeping everything in its place in your kitchen.

High-Ceiling Hanging Pot Rack

This pot rack is ideal for a kitchen with a high ceiling. Copper tones mesh well with the wooden ceiling, and the glossy finish matches the smooth texture of the hood, refrigerator, and other appliances found throughout the kitchen. Light fixtures also hang from the ceiling, making the pot rack look right at home. Kitchen organization proves to be simple and stylish with this solution to minimal storage space.

Oversize Pot Racks

A large pot rack is ideal for oversize islands. Here, ample space is allotted for various pots and pans. The dark color of the rack adds another texture to the various surfaces already present in the kitchen. The hanging pot rack is perfect for kitchen organization and adds to the outdoorsy feel of the room. With a variety of different woods and grains, the atmosphere is warm and comforting while remaining functional and stylish.

Wired Pot Rack

With stainless-steel kitchen accessories, this silver pot rack fits right into the room. A smaller rack can afford just the right amount of area to hang pots and pans and clear up cabinet space for dinnerware and food items. Hanging above the kitchen island, the pots are easily accessible from the floor. The wired rack allows for pans to hang from wherever is desired, and can be easily moved to arrange a more pleasing display.

Pot Racks to Outline the Kitchen

For those who use a plethora of pots and pans, a pot rack that outlines the room may be the perfect option. Hanging below the wraparound ledge enables the pots to be out of the way but still within reach. The kitchen retains its modern appeal while making practical use of the space by having the pot rack follow the contours of the room. The wide variety of pots are easily accessible when cooking and clears ample storage space for other appliances.

Easily Accessible Pots and Pans

Pot racks can help make appliances easily accessible, as well as simple to put away. By using a pot rack, it is no longer a chore looking for cabinet space where pots and pans can be stored after cleanup. Matching pots make for a more aesthetically pleasing rack, such as in this kitchen. The pot rack acts as a fixture just below the ceiling. If cabinet space is limited, then a pot rack is ideal for storage.

Pot Rack over the Sink

This stainless-steel pot rack placed above the sink makes it simple to wash pots and hang them up to dry in the same spot. Making it easy to clean means it is more likely that pots and pans will not be left out. This kitchen organization tactic is perfect for those who find the chore of cleaning a difficult one. The window in front of the sink and pot rack provides an enjoyable view to make cleanup less of a hassle.

Small Hanging Pot Racks

A small pot rack may be the perfect choice for those who already have plenty of storage space or do not have as many pots and pans. This hanging rack is a perfect fit above the island in the center of the kitchen. The hooks can be moved around easily in the crosswired rack, enabling different arrangements depending on the number of pots. The dark color of the rack blends well with the dark countertops and cabinetry, producing an aesthetically pleasing and space-saving design.

Contemporary Pot Rack

A contemporary kitchen requires a modern pot rack. The five-rod hanging pot rack in this kitchen looks trendy while making use of space above the island. The space between the ceiling and the pot rack also makes it possible to store other pots, pans, or bowls, clearing even more room in the cabinets. The steel rods are accented by dark brown wood from which the rack is mounted, making it more interesting and adding a new texture and color to the rack.

Stainless-Steel Pot Racks

Storing pots and pans with a hanging pot rack in an area where much of the prep work of cooking occurs proves to be very convenient. Here, the pots are easily accessible when preparing a meal and the rack is close to the sink to make cleanup quick. The pot rack is placed in the corner of the room, out of the way of the rest of the kitchen. This is perfect for those who would prefer the pot rack not be a centerpiece. The silver pots and pans mesh well with the glossy steel of the pot rack and the sink, bringing the kitchen together.

Wire Pot Racks

A wire pot rack is ideal for growing families or people who plan to purchase more kitchen accessories. The wires enable a simple arrangement of only a few pots where many more can be stored. The silver rack above the island is easily accessible and offsets the stainless-steel accents throughout the rest of the kitchen. Whether storage is needed for only a few pots or many, this wire rack is perfect for a family of any size.

Seamless Pot Racks

Central light is often a necessity in a busy kitchen. To make the most of space, placing lighting in the center of a hanging pot rack is a great idea. Pots and pans hung around the lights enable the glow to easily illuminate the kitchen, even reflecting off the silver pots to add a bit of fun to the room. The silver pot rack can be paired with silver pots to look like they hang as part of the rack itself. Silver accents on the lights can also be added to create a seamless look and bring the entire rack together.

Lighted Pot Rack

Combining lights and pot racks is a functional way to make a pot rack become part of an elegant decor. The light reflecting off the silver pots and pans as well as the light-colored countertop of the island below creates an inviting glow. The unit adds luminosity to the kitchen, and clears up extra storage space for other kitchen accessories. Kitchen organization becomes simple and elegant when graceful lighting is paired with practical storage.

Above-the-Island Pot Racks

Hanging pot racks with an ample number of hooks for pots and pans may be ideal for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Easily accessible above the island, the chef can prepare the meal right below, grabbing whatever is necessary along the way. By using a larger pot rack, more cabinetry space is cleared to store other cookware, or provides extra room that can be used as a pantry. The silver color of the pot rack meshes well with the stainless-steel sink and silver dining table and chair set found in the kitchen.

Add Contrast with a Pot Rack

In a primarily light-colored, off-white kitchen, pairing a dark pot rack with dark chairs and accents provides a perfect contrast to bring balance to the room. The silver pots and pans match the hood above the stove, adding symmetry to the kitchen. With this color scheme, the kitchen boasts sophistication and style. The pot rack creates a practical place to store pots while maintaining a chic style. By storing the pots and pans on the rack above the island, more space is allotted in the cabinetry for other cookware.

Unconventional Pot Rack

For a nontraditional pot rack, other pieces can be used. Learn to spot pieces with potential for other uses. What may be intended for use as something else may make a perfect pot rack. Hooks can be attached to the hanging, and pots can easily be attached to create a beautiful centerpiece above the island that is sensible as well. The dark color pairs attractively with the dark countertops below, and the ornate detail adds a lavish flair to the kitchen.

Wooden Wall Pot Rack

A wall pot rack may be more practical than a hanging pot rack for those who do not want to have a pot rack as a visual centerpiece in the kitchen. Traditional wood trim that matches the woodwork found throughout the rest of the room ties the pot rack in with the rest of the kitchen. The wall rack eliminates having to dig for pots and pans at the bottom of drawers. The modern stainless-steel hardware gives the traditional home a modern flair, and makes pots easily accessible.

Undercabinet Pot Rack

Make the most of limited space in a small kitchen by taking advantage of bare walls under cabinets. Copper cookware hangs from S-hooks on a backsplash rail, offering convenience and style. This simple tactic clears up cupboard space and takes full advantage of the space the kitchen offers. The copper pots and pans bring a cohesive element to the room that an array of different colors would not. The smart use of empty wall space opens room in the cabinets to store other dinnerware items.

Wall Lined with Pots and Pans

For a nontraditional pot rack, hanging baking pans from hooks on a pegboard across one wall of the kitchen is a practical use of space. Pots and pans can be hung on the wall along with scissors, whisks, spatulas, and other cooking utensils. By placing both cookware and utensils on the wall, everything needed to prepare a meal can be found in the same spot. This makes it easy to find anything that is needed in the kitchen. With everything in one spot, searching for different pots and appliances is no longer an issue, and both meal preparation and cleanup are a breeze.

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