14 Appliance Garage Ideas to Declutter Your Countertops

coffee maker pulled from cabinet
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Appliance garages help you streamline kitchen storage for a more polished look. Keeping small appliances behind closed doors reduces counter clutter and lets you disguise the more hardworking elements of your kitchen. Check out these appliance garage ideas to find creative storage solutions for your microwave, coffee maker, toaster, and more.

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Appliance Garage Design Ideas

white cabinets with coffee station
John Bessler

An appliance garage's door design is key to its functionality. If your garage is located in a spot without a stretch of countertop below, such as within a wall of cabinetry, consider alternative ways to create a work surface or landing area in front. This coffee maker appliance garage door opens top-down, creating a flat surface for a cup of coffee or a warm plate from the microwave. The microwave appliance garage door lifts up, which prevents the door from hitting the window or other cabinet doors.

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Appliance Garage Storage

appliances stacked inside cabinet
Emily Followill

This appliance garage goes vertical by using space from the countertop to an upper row of cabinets to store the most commonly used appliances. When allocating storage space, think through other items you might need when using the appliances. For example, if the coffeemaker is used every morning plan to store coffee beans and sugar close by.

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Microwave Garage Ideas

microwave behind door
Janet Mesic-Mackie

Appliance garages are a great way to integrate a microwave into cabinetry. Since you won't be pulling the microwave out to use it, make sure you position the appliance garage in a convenient spot. It's best to find a location with a landing space below so you can take hot food out of the microwave and set it down if needed. You'll also need to have an electrical outlet installed in the back of the cabinet.

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Coffee Appliance Garage

white cabinets with coffee station on shelf
Werner Straube

If a cup of joe is part of your daily morning routine, consider creating an appliance garage for your favorite brewing tools. This coffee station hides inside a cabinet, complete with a wire basket for storing coffee grounds, scoops, and other tools. The appliance garage is deep enough that there's plenty of work space in front of the coffee maker for measuring out coffee beans or pouring a mug of hot java.

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Appliance Garage with Tambour Doors

coffee maker behind sliding door
Beth Singer

Roll-up doors, also known as tambour doors, are made of narrow slats that roll back into the upper area of the cabinet. The advantage of this type of door is that it takes up no counter space when open. However, these doors can sometimes be slightly tricky to work, so make sure they're installed correctly for a smooth open and close.

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Coffeemaker Garage Ideas

coffee maker pulled from cabinet
Ed Gohlich

Allow adequate counter space in front of an appliance garage when it will be used for heat-generating appliances, such as coffeemakers or toasters. In most cases, you'll want to slide these appliances forward to use them. That way, heat and steam can dissipate into the kitchen rather than into the confined space of the garage. When you're done, tuck them back into the cabinet and they're out of sight for the rest of the day.

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Roll-Up Appliance Garage

mixer behind sliding door
Philip Harvey

A roll-up door like this can be handy when space is tight. The door moves completely out of the way, so you can even use the appliance within the garage if needed. This idea works well for bulky appliances, like stand mixers, eliminating the need to lift it out and put it away each time.

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Hidden Appliance Garage Doors

mixer in cabinet
Anthony Masterson

Incorporating appliance garages in a kitchen cabinet plan is a great way to keep these items accessible yet out of sight. When you need a small appliance, working around cabinet doors sitting open can be a pain. We love this appliance garage cabinet door solution: The doors swing open and then slide back into the cabinet so they're out of the way. To close them back up, simply slide the doors out so they are fully extended and then close them like a standard cabinet door.

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Double Appliance Garages

2 cabinets with appliances
Tria Giovan

Side-by-side appliance garages in retrofitted cabinetry give this kitchen function without visual clutter. One garage features a door that swings upward and pushes back, allowing clearance in front of and around the cabinet. An upper shelf inside holds baking sheets and muffin tins above the microwave.

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Stacked Appliance Garages

coffee maker behind sliding door
Stacey Branford

Stacking two appliance garages on top of each other is a great way to maximize storage at the end of a run of cabinetry or in a narrow stretch of wall between windows. Here a lift-up cabinet door reveals a TV in the kitchen (and the door helps reduce glare). Below, a tambour-door appliance garage hides coffee supplies waiting for their morning duties.

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Corner Appliance Garage

appliance garage
Anthony Masterson

If you don't have extra cabinet space to spare, design an appliance garage in the corner. The solution uses some counter space, but maintains the style of the kitchen by hiding clunky small appliances. Consider where you want the appliance garage door to be because you'll need to keep that area accessible.

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Appliance Garage Ideas for Small Kitchens

appliance garage
Brie Williams

An appliance garage can help you achieve a streamlined, clutter-free look even in a tight space, but it might require some creative thinking. In this small kitchen, traditional swinging doors on this end cabinet wouldn't have fully opened. Using a hinged door that rises up best utilizes the space.

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Microwave Garage Design Tips

microwave in cabinet
Emily Followill

Put your microwave inside an appliance garage to clear up your counters. Along with running electrical to the cabinet, be sure the microwave is able to vent properly. Locate the vents on the unit, which might be placed on the sides or top, and allow plenty of space around these areas within the cabinet.

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Multi-Tiered Appliance Garage

small appliances in cabinet
Philip Harvey

If you have several small appliances, consider dedicating an entire cabinet as an appliance garage. This kitchen utilizes four shelves of varying heights to store a stand mixer, microwave, coffee maker, and toaster. Other useful necessities, including mugs for coffee, are housed nearby to save steps and time on busy mornings.

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