Kitchen Utensil Storage Ideas

Storage glass jars

Helen Norman

Looking for kitchen storage ideas? Find clever ways to stash cooking utensils with these great utensil storage solutions.

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Over-the-Range Storage

Kitchen range

Bryan E. McCay

Hang frequently used kitchen utensils just over the stove with an over-the-range hanging rod. Hang utensils with S hooks to keep them within arm's reach while cooking. This convenient and practical storage option also provides a place for decorative elements and unique utensils.

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Pegged Compartments

Dish storage in drawer

Peter Krumhardt

Keep utensils organized and in place by installing wooden pegs within your deep kitchen drawers. Pegs allow you to section off certain utensils and prevent them from sliding around when the drawer opens and closes. A pegboard at the bottom of the drawer allows you to rearrange the pegs to create different compartments. Baskets and sectioned containers within the drawer are great ways to keep napkins and silverware in place.

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Drawer Knife Block

Drawer knife block

Werner Straube

There are a variety of inserts you can add to kitchen drawers. This drawer is outfitted with a wood knife block, which keeps knives organized, visible, and safely stored. The two-level insert provides space for all sizes, from small paring knives to large butcher knives.

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Hang It Up

Over the range kitchen storage

Edward Gohlich

Keep cooking utensils within reach by adding a stainless-steel bar above the stove top. Over-the-range storage frees up space throughout the kitchen and keeps frequently used utensils easily accessible. A hanging metal ledge also provides space for small utensils, like measuring spoons.

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Wall Storage

Kitchen wall storage

Marty Baldwin

In a small space, every inch counts. In this kitchen, a wall-mount organization system has a cup for holding utensils and a clever paper towel dispenser.

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Inset Utensil Storage

Countertop utensil storage

Greg Scheidemann

Inset storage bins on the kitchen countertop are a quick, convenient way to store kitchen utensils. Commonly used as food storage, these small, discrete storage units are perfect for holding everyday utensils. Try filling the bin with hot water and refilling it on a daily basis to help keep utensils clean.

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Shaped Storage Tray

Custom kitchen storage tray

Kritsada Panichgul

This custom utensil unit allows spices, utensils, and other small kitchen products to be kept out of the way, but in a very organized, convenient format. Sliding trays pull out of this shelving unit to display molded surfaces perfect for measuring cups and spoons of all sizes to ensure easy organization.

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DIY Utensil Caddy

DIY utensil caddy

Bryan E. McCay

Stray away from commonly used hooks or pockets and go for a homemade utensil caddy instead. Spray-paint galvanized pipe straps and screw them onto small painted boards. Attach the boards to the wall or to a cabinet for a quick, easy spot to keep your utensils in order.

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Storing in Style

Kitchen storage utensil decor

Gordon Beall

Make your kitchen utensils just another part of the kitchen's decor. Instead of a clunky organizer, go with a colorful vase that matches the kitchen's color scheme. Large utensils will be easily accessible and the vase contributes to the room's style while serving a practical purpose.

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Through the Glass

Storage glass jars

Helen Norman

Large glass jars are another way to contribute to the kitchen's style. When you store dry baking goods, like sugar or flour, in glass jars, it only seems natural to store your baking utensils right nearby. Glass jars are a simple, yet timeless storage option and help keep all of your baking supplies in one convenient location.

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Hanging in a Cabinet

Hanging utensil storage

Edmund Barr

Install wooden rods into a shallow cabinet to make an easy spot to hang utensils. Similar to the over-the-range option, simply use S hooks to hang utensils from the rod. This option is more hidden, yet conveniently located.

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Show Your Silverware

Silverware storage

Paul Dyer

Give your kitchen a simple, elegant look with mason jar silverware storage. Sort silverware into small mason jars and arrange the jars so that they form a sort of centerpiece or organized look. The simple storage fix is pretty and easy.

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Convertible Drawer Organizer

Convertible Drawer Organizer

John Bessler

A drawer organizer is a no-nonsense way of storing silverware, measuring spoons, and other small, narrow utensils. Simply place the organizer in the drawer and sort your utensils into specified spots. Look for a drawer organizer that's convertible, which would allow you to expand or narrow its size depending on the size of the drawer.

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