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    Kitchen Storage for Spices

    If you don't have enough room for spices in your drawers or cabinets, take to the walls with this magnetic spice rack. A dozen airtight canisters keep your spices fresh and ready for use.

    Wall-mounted magnetic spice rack


    Stacks and Stacks

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    Spice Storage in Cabinets

    Spice containers in cabinets can quickly become a jumble of jars without a proper storage system. Get organized with this pull-down three-tier spice rack that attaches to the inside of your cabinets for easy eye-level access. Tightly spaced construction and side guards keep containers secure.

    Pull-down spice rack


    The Container Store

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    Modular Drawer Organizers

    Unruly utensil and flatware drawers are a thing of the past with these interlocking modular drawer organizers. You can even stack the bins within a drawer for more storage options. Non-skid feet hold the bins in place, while the clear plastic keeps contents visible even in the deepest drawers.

    OXO interlocking drawer organizers


    Sur La Table

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    Expandable Drawer Organizers

    For simple slide-in drawer storage solutions, you can't beat expandable drawer organizers. A tray like this one uses every available inch of your drawer interior so that each little utensil has a home.

    Bamboo expandable cutlery organizer



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    Get Organized with Dividers

    Dividers, boxes, and trays bring order to the chaos of kitchen drawers. This versatile storage system allows you to customize your drawer interiors with an array of components. You can add and adjust pieces as your needs change.

    Rationell storage system



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    Handy Drawers for Cabinets

    Take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen cabinets with this sturdy set of drawers. Made of bonded steel and mesh, the drawers keep contents visible while preventing small items from falling through. At 17 inches deep, the generous size fits most lower cabinets.

    Elfa mesh drawer solution


    The Container Store

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    Dividers for Kitchen Cabinets

    Segment your kitchen cabinets with vertical dividers. Expandable to match the height of your shelving, these handy uprights create an efficient organization system to corral all those items that get mixed and scattered easily.

    Natural wood expandable vertical cabinet dividers

    $25 per set of 2

    Organized A to Z

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    Undershelf Baskets

    Unless your kitchen cabinets are filled to the brim, chances are you've got some wasted space just beneath the shelving. Tap that storage potential with vinyl-coated undershelf baskets that are perfect for stacking kitchen linens or storing pantry items.

    Undershelf baskets


    The Container Store

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    Cabinet Door Storage Solution

    If you're looking for storage solutions that don't require you to drill holes in your cabinets, try this clever wire basket designed to hang over cabinet doors. The size is ideal for small cans and bottles of cleaning supplies. A foam backing protects the finish of your cabinets.

    Over-the-cabinet door basket


    Stacks and Stacks

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    Tray Dividers for Cabinets

    A quick installation of tray dividers sorts out the disorder of a cabinet full of serving trays, cutting boards, jelly roll pans, pizza pans, and baking sheets. Made of white vinyl-coated wire, the dividers are durable and sized for standard-size lower cabinets.

    12-inch tray divider


    The Container Store

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    Maximize Storage in Cabinets

    With this organizer, you can use every inch of space beneath your kitchen sink. This storage solution is stackable and expandable to fit into any cabinet space without permanent installation. Ten adjustable sliding shelves make it a snap to configure around pipes and make use of previously inaccessible or wasted space.

    Expandable undersink organizer


    Stacks and Stacks

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    Pullout Organizer for Cabinets

    Pullout sliding baskets and trays add neatness and accessibility to deep cabinets in the kitchen. This solidly constructed two-tier organizer rolls smoothly even when fully loaded with cleaning supplies. The second tier can be mounted to either the left or right side to accommodate pipes or a disposal unit.

    Chrome two-tier sliding organizer


    The Container Store

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    Cabinet Door Towel Storage

    It's not always easy to find the right spot for a towel bar in your kitchen, but this handy double towel rack makes it possible to keep your towels exactly where you need them. Crafted from brushed stainless steel, the ingenious design hangs safely on cabinet doors or even drawer fronts without damaging the finish.

    Over-the-cabinet double towel bar


    Stacks and Stacks

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    Wine Rack Storage Solution

    Simple yet stylish, this wine and stemware holder provides an all-in-one storage solution for a week's worth of dinner wines as well as the necessary stemware. Mount the holder under a kitchen cabinet or above a beverage bar.

    Undercabinet six-bottle wine rack and stemware holder


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    Backsplash Storage Solutions

    If you're looking for a smart and simple storage solution in modern stainless steel, this system is for you. A multitude of possible configurations and an array of storage components provide the ultimate custom solution for backsplash storage.

    Grundtal kitchen series



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    Easy Backsplash Organization

    This unique rail system proves that you can have storage on your backsplash without drilling or screws. The system is suspended with repositionable discs that offer an extremely firm grip on nonporous surfaces. Sleek storage components hang from the rails for a sophisticated look that enhances the beauty of your backsplash.

    Magic-Loc central storage rail shelf


    The Container Store

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    Magnetic Backsplash Storage

    Keeping your kitchen tools and utensils out of the way yet organized and handy adds to the pleasure of cooking. This attractive wall-mount magnetic bar is great for corralling knives, spoons, and measuring utensils within reach of your cooktop and food prep areas while also keeping sharp objects out of the reach of small hands.

    Hardwood magnetic bar


    Stacks and Stacks

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    Storage Solutions for Cookware

    Some pots and pans are used almost daily. Hang those favorite cookware pieces from this compact wall pot rack for easy access. A convenient slatted shelf above adds storage space for smaller pans, lids, and cookbooks. Brushed nickel brackets can be installed to support the rack from above or below.

    Wall-mounted pot rack


    Crate and Barrel

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    Get Organized with a Pot Rack

    Don't forget to look overhead when considering storage possibilities in the kitchen. A pot rack like this cherrywood and chrome beauty frees up much-needed cabinet space while keeping cookware at hand. The top of the hanging grid offers additional storage for pot lids and other items.

    J.K. Adams cherry pot rack


    Sur La Table

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    Countertop Storage Solutions

    The designers of this handy utensil caddy thought of everything. It fits easily in narrow spaces or flush against a wall, yet is stable enough to hold more than 16 large-handled tools. The side walls flare out to let you grab and replace tools with ease, and three storage compartments keep tools from becoming jumbled. A unique contoured bottom keeps tools upright even when the caddy isn't full. It even comes with a removable drip tray, so you can dry your tools in the caddy as well.

    OXO utensil caddy


    Sur La Table

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    Versatile Kitchen Storage

    Perfect for storing rice, beans, sugar, and other food and nonfood items, these appealing canisters feature a brushed stainless-steel finish and suit any kitchen style. Vertical windows provide easy viewing of the contents so you'll always know what and how much is inside. Snug rubber-sealed lids ensure freshness.

    Set of three window canisters



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    Cut Countertop Clutter

    Maintain an orderly work surface with a countertop turntable. Use one to organize your morning beverage needs, or place it next to your range for easy access to spices and oils. An outer rim on the 14-inch lazy Susan keeps everything in place while the clear, easy-to-clean surface blends in with any countertop material.

    Linus Pulz turntable


    Organized A to Z

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    Undercabinet Cookbook Storage

    This clever solution is just the thing for cooks with space constraints. The compact and convenient cookbook holder mounts beneath a wall cabinet so you don't have to sacrifice precious countertop space. The sturdy metal frame folds out of sight under the cabinet when not in use. A small magnetic recipe card holder allows you to attach recipe cards and clippings for easy viewing.

    CookNook cookbook holder



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    Kitchen Storage for Recipes

    If you love to clip recipes from magazines but don't have time to copy them onto cards, you'll appreciate the simplicity and versatility of the Recipe Nest. The box holds recipes and full-page clippings with tabbed dividers for easy organization. A built-in easel displays your recipe at the perfect angle for hands-free reference while cooking.

    Recipe Nest


    Organized A to Z

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    Small-Scale Kitchen Island

    Even if you have a tiny kitchen, there's no reason to do without the storage space and work area an island can provide. This multipurpose kitchen center fits in most small spaces, adding much-needed cabinet and drawer storage, as well as a cutting surface and towel bar. The fold-down breakfast bar offers an option for casual meals or entertaining in the kitchen.

    Kitchen center with breakfast bar


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