Creative Kitchen Storage Cabinet Ideas

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Transform your kitchen into a storage star with cabinets that make the most of every inch. These clever and efficient ideas for banishing kitchen clutter make mealtime effortless.

Plan Both Big and Small

When planning your kitchen remodel, don't forget the details. To achieve this beautiful space, the homeowner not only drafted to-scale layouts of every cabinet but also measured each object destined to be stored in the new kitchen.

Divide Utensil Drawers

Tuck away your most-used cooking utensils in deep drawers beside the range. Divide them with a convertible organizer so that spoons, measuring cups, and spatulas are just an arm's length away while cooking.

Learn how to tackle some of the most common kitchen storage problems with these smart tips and tricks.

Solved! Your Most Annoying Kitchen Problems

Jumbled pots and pans can be a recipe for disaster. Look to these low-cost storage solutions to fix your peskiest of kitchen cabinet problems.

Hide Trash Under an Island

This kitchen's custom cabinet doors are built to look like drawers but actually contain pullouts for trash and recycling. The cleanup area serves as an easy way to bridge your pantry and main kitchen.

Enlist Vertical Pantry Storage

Accessibility is crucial when it comes to your pantry. Shallow shelves on the side walls of this step-in pantry keep food from getting forgotten behind other items. The back wall features deeper shelves and a granite countertop for prepping dry ingredients.

Mask Small Items Behind Panels

A shallow cupboard hidden behind a traditional-style panel serves as a haven for vitamins and frequently used remedies. Incorporate the panels throughout your kitchen for additional small-item storage space.

Build a Broom Closet

A tall, slender cabinet is the perfect space for storing cleaning essentials and providing access to a laundry chute. Minimize its appearance by keeping the cabinet door closed with a magnetic push-and-pop latch.

Armoire-Style Cabinets

There's no end to the usefulness of a chest of drawers that borrows inspiration from traditional furniture. Store daily dishes in its heavy-duty drawers below and stack glassware in its open upper shelves. A sliver of countertop along the front proves useful when pulling glasses.

Showcase Glassware

Small stacks of serving dishes have their own special place in these armoire-style cabinets. The area is hidden when the door is closed. Display everyday glassware on the shelves above with glass-panel cabinet doors.

Conceal Cumbersome Contraptions

Tired of bulky kitchen appliances crowding your countertops? Stow away toasters, blenders, mixers, and more behind an inconspicuous cabinet panel. The appliance garage also hides electrical outlets for a more attractive appearance.

Utilize a Kitchen Island

Kitchen cabinet storage isn't just reserved for your walls. A room-length island provides ample storage across from the cooktop as well as an extra setting for family meals.

Hutch-Style Cabinets

For areas that tend to be less than organized, enlist hutch-style cabinets. The grand storage space corrals family photos, craft supplies, and other mementos, color-coded for each person.

Stash Gift Wrap

Long drawers beneath hutch-style cabinets are an easy way to store gift wrapping supplies such as wrapping paper and gift bags. Organize by color or occasion and you'll never be on the hunt again.

Consider a Workstation

Small but mighty, this desk area is the ideal size for organizing your family's schedules and activities. The workstation is tucked in next to the pantry and incorporates a built-in file drawer and above-desk storage.

Tailor Desk Cabinet Shelves

Guarantee a place for your printer, mailing supplies, and other everyday essentials by customizing shelf sizes to your desk items. Bonus: above-desk cabinets are an excellent way to hide your home's wireless router.

Designate a File Drawer

A color-coded file cabinet hides discreetly behind a drawer facade in the kitchen's desk area. The clever and convenient solution means family paperwork doesn't pile up on the desk or island.

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