Keeping your kitchen neat and tidy doesn't have to be a struggle. Use these tips and ideas for kitchen organizers to ensure your space stays clutter-free.

Organize with Inserts

Kitchen Organizer: Drawer Dividers

Store more in your kitchen drawers with custom drawer organizers. This one features a sliding compartment that keeps silverware within reach when you need it but can slide back to create easy access to a measuring spoon or hand towel. The divider takes advantage of drawer depth that's often wasted space. It's the perfect solution for any kitchen with limited drawer space.

Integrated Appliances

Kitchen Organizer: Office Supplies

Think beyond their traditional duties, and use office supplies as kitchen organizers to keep cookware, bakeware, and serving dishes neat and tidy. A duo of metal file holders keeps cooling racks and cutting boards separate, while bins typically used for paper storage house dishes used mostly for special occasions.

These unexpected applications of supplies allow you to customize cabinets to get the most use out of typically open and undefined spaces. By storing racks and boards vertically, they are easier to retrieve than when stacked one on top of the other. They'll also be easier to see when selecting what you need. Storing special-occasion items in lidded bins makes them stackable and keeps them a bit cleaner between uses. When everything has a specific home, organization is a breeze.


Kitchen Organizer: Baskets

For an individualized kitchen organization strategy, use matching wicker baskets as stand-ins for ordinary drawers. The baskets look stylish and are functional for storing linens and hand towels close to the sink. To keep towels tidy and easily accessible, consider rolling them rather than stacking them. Baskets also serve as terrific tools for items that need to be toted from one place to another. For example, a basket could hold outdoor dishes and serving items, so it's easy to carry the basket to the deck or patio for entertaining or family barbecues. Or use them in the pantry for potatoes, onions, or other long-lived produce.

Towel Bar

Kitchen Organizer: Towel Bar

Keep everyday cooking utensils within reach by using a simple towel bar. Outfitted with hooks, the rack becomes the perfect spot to store -- and display -- a set of matching cooking utensils. It's the perfect solution for kitchens with limited drawer space, as it frees up an entire drawer to be used for storing other items. Plus, the utensils are within easy reach. Place the towel bar close to the stove or cooktop, so the tools are available when and where you need them. With the wide range of styles available, it's easy to find a towel bar that coordinates with other kitchen hardware and fixtures.

Plastic Containers

Kitchen Organizer: Plastic Containers

Clutter can sneak in to almost every spot in your home -- even the freezer. Cut the clutter by keeping all of your frozen items in containers stacked and sorted by category.

To keep frozen meats separate, purchase metal baskets and label them according to their contents. Store home-frozen produce and extra portions of soups, casseroles, and other easy dinner items in stackable plastic containers with easy-to-read labels (include dates so you can use the oldest items first). You can also store purchased frozen fruits and vegetables and similar items in plastic containers for easy stacking and retrieval.

Transfer baking supplies to plastic containers, label the containers, and stack them together on a shelf. Or keep them in a basket to be ready to grab. If you want to save instructions, recipes, or other necessary information from the original package, tuck it inside the basket or attach it to the container lid. Place items that are frequently used and replaced at eye level, so it's easy to see what you have.

Upright Storage

Kitchen Organizer: Cabinet Dividers

Keep large platters and serving trays upright with cabinet dividers. These vertical dividers make it easy to pull out large serving pieces when needed, because the pieces are filed away like papers and not stacked on top of each other. Available at home centers and from online sources, vertical dividers can be added to most cabinets, and many can be customized to match size needs and other requirements.

Pegged for Storage

Kitchen Organizer: Pegboard Dish Storage

For storing dishes in drawers, use a pegboard system to prevent dishes from sliding around. A pegboard on the bottom of the drawer accommodates tall pegs, which are placed around stacks of dishes and can be repositioned as needed.

Open Shelves

Kitchen Organizer: Open Shelves

Add storage to open wall space in your kitchen with shelving. Easier to install than upper cabinets, shelves can be used to keep frequently used dishes and cooking supplies at the ready. For a clean look, store food and ingredients in matching canisters and be selective about what dishes are displayed on the shelves.

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