Cut Clutter in Your Kitchen

Plan for Better Kitchen Storage
Being the heart of the home, the kitchen often becomes a cluttered mess as well. With countless ingredients, utensils, spices, and other odds and ends, organization in a kitchen is key. Here are a few easy ways to cure clutter in any kitchen.

Ditch Duplicates

Throw out spices that are the exact same or closely related. Extra linens you no longer use or multiple spatulas that serve the same purpose just take up space that can be replaced by just one item. This purging action significantly cuts down on clutter and gives the kitchen more breathing room.

Label It

Labels on shelves and canisters help everyone be responsible for staying organized. When there is an obvious place for everything, there is less chance of creating a mess.

Check the Date

Expiration dates are the fastest and simplest guide for editing your clutter in the kitchen. Time has come? Needs to go!

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Clear Winner

Know exactly what you have with see-through containers that keep items fresh and tidy. This method also helps cooks to know when to replace items in the containers.

Clever Caddy

Store cleaning supplies together in one handy caddy so you can easily move it between work spaces.

Everyday Items First

Evaluate what's used most in your refrigerator and make those items easy to access. For example, don't store mayo behind the leftovers if it's going on sandwiches every morning.

Group Items Together

Store similar items, like baking ingredients, together. This makes finding ingredients faster and more efficient while cooking.

Enhance Fridge Storage

As in a pantry, adjusting shelving and adding risers, bins and separators to a refrigerator will help keep objects organized and easily identifiable. Taking inventory of the fridge is much easier with these simple ideas.

Try Open Shelving

Don't be afraid of open shelving! Think of it as an opportunity to store items you use on a daily basis. Just be sure to display only what you truly need and want to show. The rest is clutter.

Better Bins

Designate an easy-to-use place for trash and recyclables. Bonus: Use trash or recycling days as a reminder to clean the fridge or pantry.

Weekly Use

Keep your countertops free of items you don't use at least a few times a week. Small appliances simply clutter your work area if they're not being put to use.

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