If You Hate Trash Day, You Should Drill Holes in the Bottom of Your Trash Can

The reason is genius!

How many times have you taken out the trash and the bag won't release from the bin? Countless! You might have to request backup to hold down the trash can while you lift. The result can end in a pretty messy spill, or, at the very least, a minor frustration.

When this happened to us, we always assumed too much trash had mounted in order for a smooth removal. However, reducing the amount of waste didn't help our problem...

On her blog Pretty Handy Girl, Brittany addresses this common household issue by looking at the trash bin itself, not what you put in it.

When a trash bag is placed in the bin, air can get trapped beneath. Days later, when you go to remove the bag, that trapped air creates somewhat of a vacuum. That suction is what clings to the bag, making it difficult to remove.

The quick fix to this problem is super-easy: Simply drill two holes near the bottom of your trash bin! For tips on where to place the holes, and how to do it properly, visit Brittany's blog before you start the project. 

With proper air flow, trash day will feel less like a chore! You'll be able to take out the trash in one swift movement.

To learn more about this life hack and see other handy tips, check out Brittany's blog, Pretty Handy Girl.


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