Hide Your Kitchen Appliances

For a less-cluttered, high-style look, use these ideas for covering large and small kitchen appliances. Let your personal style, not your refrigerator, make a statement.

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    Paneled Refrigerator

    This paneled refrigerator has a furniture look that fits the sophisticated space.

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    Refrigerator Drawers

    The kitchen island holds two hidden refrigerator drawers: one that keeps fresh produce within easy reach of the cook, and another for children's snacks and drinks.

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    Pantry Doorway

    Separate refrigerator and freezer units flank the doorway to the butler's pantry.

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    Tucked-Away TV

    Make TV viewing from the dining area handy by placing the TV below the counter. Here, convenient fold-out cabinet doors hide the TV and other media equipment when they are not in use.

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    Disguised Refrigerator

    The refrigerator, disguised in cabinetry-matching panels, occupies the right side of a wall that also includes a single oven and an appliance garage.

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    Concealed Fridge and Freezer

    Separate refrigerator and freezer units are concealed by an armoirelike treatment.

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    Panel-Front Dishwasher

    This kitchen retains its vintage style by concealing a dishwasher behind clever paneling.

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    Covered Appliances

    A built-in refrigerator, wine cooler, and icemaker enhance this hardworking work triangle.

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    Under-Sink Appliances

    An icemaker, undercounter refrigerator, and dishwasher are hidden in cabinets below the marble apron-front sink.

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    Cherrywood Panels

    Handsome cherry panels conceal the refrigerator with the style of an old antique armoire.

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    Custom Casing

    Custom refrigerator drawer and door pulls reflect the armoire's Asian inspiration. The absence of hardware on all but the fridge ensures the appliance's custom casing as a focal point.

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    Old-Fashioned Fridge Style

    The refrigerator is a modern built-in model with freezer drawers on the bottom, but it's covered with cabinetry-matching wood panels to evoke the look of an old-fashioned icebox. Hefty door handles and hinges enhance the effect.

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    Clean-Lined TV Cabinet

    A cupboard door hiding the flat-screen TV is minimally detailed with recessed panels divided by a simple vertical line.

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    Appliance Garage

    This microwave oven is small enough to fit inside an appliance garage, saving space in a small kitchen.

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    Hidden Dishwasher Drawers

    Two dishwasher drawers nest inconspicuously behind two identical cabinet facades.

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    Perfectly Integrated Dishwasher

    For a fully integrated style, this dishwasher's controls are on the upper door rim.

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    Covered Refrigerator

    Wooden trim panels disguise the refrigerator so it is virtually indistinguishable from the kitchen cabinets.

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